Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bali Day 1

Early this morning we set out for the airport in Melbourne...destination Bali! 

This kangaroo was waiting to say goodbye to use this morning.
We facetimed some of the kids while waiting at the airport.  Our 6 hour flight was super nice.  They fed us rather good food and gave us a delicious mango ice cream bar.  That was a first for me on an airplane. 
Confession:  I have never watched Gone With The Wind, even though my entire life people have referred to it when I tell them my name.  Well, I figured I had plenty of time to watch it so I did.  It definitely made the time go by faster.  It's crazy that we flew clear across Australia and then ocean to get to our destination.  The airport is right off of the ocean.

Going through customs was pretty easy and Layne had ordered our transportation for us ahead of time.  It was pretty easy and quick.  The airport grounds are something else.  Absolutely gorgeous with elaborate sculptures and beautiful greenery. 
The first place we are staying is a Holiday Inn Resort on the beach in Nusa Dua.  It is gorgeous with a pool that starts from just past the entrance of the hotel to the beach.  I've never seen anything like it.  It's absolutely gorgeous. 

We got there in time for happy hour.  We enjoyed some delicious drinks on the beach.  The thing I like about their drinks is that they aren't super sweet like in the US. 
Our room is very nice.  But it only has a king bed which means we are all going to cuddle (not really)!  The shower is kind of see through, which isn't so cool when your dad is showering which means, either head down or go swim. 

We spent a little time in the pool today before having a sunset dinner at the hotel.  It is hot and humid, but there is a lovely breeze that feels good. 

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