Monday, August 9, 2010

Show & Tell Monday!

Today I did a little craft with my friend Karen after her scrumptious dinner and my neighbor during our chatting session this evening. They were both in love with their new water bottles. I had actually made mine before heading to the pool today and took it with me to Sharons who had already made a list of people she wanted to make them for by the time I left. The funny part was they both had fun putting the polka dots on. I'm going to sell them at our community pool party this weekend. We shall see how they go. I am going to put the community school's logo on them as well. I will soon order some orange vinyl so I can make one with my royal blue bottle to use when I root for my BSU Bronco's come fall. This will be the hit of the beginning of the school season or at least I hope so, so that I can pay for my trip to Disneyland in September. Thanks to my cousin Emily for the idea who sells these like crazy in Alabama. I don't think the Monogram Initials have quite hit the Western Front yet, but they are sure hot here in the South. Here are the finished products!

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  1. Who knew I'd get such a fun surprise when I invited you over for dinner!! You should definitely come over more often! =) Good luck with the pool party this weekend - I think they'll be a hit!