Thursday, April 21, 2011

Black Cars and Strange Men

Today is a cloudy, but 67 degrees with a hint of wind. It felt wonderful on my hour long run. I was waiting for it to start pouring rain the entire time, but it has looked like rain all day and I haven't seen a drop yet. I've taken a shower and am still sweating. I must have worked out harder than I thought. My friend and mother like figure Sister Middlebrook lectured me the other day that because I didn't carry my cell phone when I ran, that I needed to call someone and let them know when I went running in case I never returned. I kind of felt funny calling my mom before and after my run today. But I get the safety issue, especially when I got down to the park that I jogged to and there was a strange man, well he was just a man, but he was sitting in a black car. You know what black cars and strange men mean, strangers...or at least they did when we were kids. When I was a kid and my parents were gone someone came to our door in a white sports car. We were scared out of our minds and I had all of the kids in my parents room with knives. Come to find out it was the Avon lady who had just gotten a new car. Back to the story...However I felt that I better not go jogging back in the woods. I mean what if I had run into the woods and someone was there and wanted to kidnap me? I wouldn't have been able to do anything but use my kick boxing moves on him to get away. Even though I really wanted to enjoy the beauty of the woods and the paths, I just ended up running around this small trail and then headed back into my neighborhood streets. But when I came out from the trail the car and the man were gone. For reals he probably just had a few minutes before he had a very important business meeting where he was going to donate millions to a children's charity for all I know and I totally judged him for sitting in his car enjoying the beauty of the park on this cloudy spring afternoon. I was kind of disappointed that I didn't get my run through the woods, but I'd rather go with my instincts than be one of those missing people pictures on the 6-o-clock news. There is something refreshing about an outside spring run that gets my adrenaline running!
I know you are thinking is that all she has to write about...well sorry to burst your bubble, but there are just things that need not be written right now for the entire world to read. Maybe for future posts and actually there isn't really anything too exciting anyway. It's kind of hard to find excitement when he is over 2, 300 miles away, except of course when he sends me a text here and there throughout the day or when he calls most evenings, however I love it when he calls on his way to work and I'm at the gym and I get this sweet message. I will admit I did freak out a few days ago regarding the fact that I was skeptical of having a long distance relationship. He was rather positive as he reminded me that we are only a plane ride away. He has a good point, but seriously this does stink just a bit...okay a lot.
This week I'm working 4 night shifts, well actually I worked 4-2 last night but I am on the next 3 nights 9p-7a. Sometimes I just don't look forward to that shift. So when everyone else is getting all of their fixings together for Easter dinner and making cute little Easter baskets for their children, I will be wishing I was else where as I am sewing up little fingers, heads, and whatever else decides to come my way or sleeping during the day since that is what you do when you work at night.
PS. I did get my flowers from the nursery this week. I can't wait to get some soil so I can plant them in my flower pots, buckets and barrels. I might have an ugly yard, but dang I can grow some flowers.

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  1. I'm just fine with you posting your black car/strange man story. It gave me a little laugh - especially when I envisioned you laying down some sweet kick boxing moves in self defense. =)

    P.S. I've been gone a week. I need an update on things. =)