Monday, April 18, 2011

Over The Shoulder Boulder Holders

I hate bra shopping. Always have, always will. There is just nothing fun in doing it, especially with G's. You are either too small or too big. It just doesn't seem like there is a happy medium. However since taking this picture and seeing that I was totally drooping here, I decided a few weeks ago that I needed to get some perky bras and perky is what I found. I can't believe I'm posting this and Tenielle is going to kill me to because she hates this picture.
I believe you must change out your bras at least every 9 months if not sooner. I have a cousin who's name I will not mention who I swear still wears her sports bra from High School or at least she did up until a few years ago. And she is still wearing my hand me downs from a few years ago. I swear I'm taking you bra shopping when I'm home next or at least for your birthday, yes you know who you are! Anyway, I must say I did come away with some pretty great finds including I think my new favorite brand of bra's "Marilyn Monroe." Yep, no more saggy, baggies here, just perky, perky or at least it feels that way! I can't believe I just blogged about this for the whole world to see, but it was mainly to get a laugh out of my sister friends and I know I did too.

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  1. I can't believe you posted this either. I am laughing, and you are crazy. =)