Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paint Job in 1 Hour!

The last few days I've been wanting to paint my front hall. Actually, I've been wanting to paint it for nearly 4 years. Well, last night after a crappy day at work my friend and VT Lauren came over and helped me paint the wall. Initially she came to help me tape, since I stink at it. However I really needed to take my stress out and so I took it out with a paint brush and paint. We had this job done in just over an hour. I was impressed with both of our work. It is amazing how fast a job like that can be finished when 2 people are doing it. I love the outcome. I have been wanting to put more pictures and vinyl lettering on this bare wall, but haven't because I had planned on painting first. Needless to say I think I maybe using Lauren's painting skills more often because when taking down the one and only picture I had on the wall, I hit it on the corner of the opposite wall and it now has a lovely small black indention.

I have the picture frames and the pictures, but just not quite sure about positioning. Therefore I have yet to hang the frames or put the pictures in the frames.
So the wall still kind of looks bare, but at least has a little color.

The original color is the same as what you see on the edge here. Boring white. Not that tan is much more exciting but for me it is.
I hate this yellow shelf now. I'd have painted it by now but since it is screwed on for life into the wall I'm going to have to wait until Lauren can come back over to tape the wall so I can paint the shelf.

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  1. Maybe I'll have to see if Lauren wants to do a whole house... =)