Friday, April 29, 2011

Love Me Surprises!

I'm not quite sure where April went but it's almost over, which is just fine with me because it just means that May is right around the corner which means fun surprises, as you never know what fun we will have when mom, dad and the single kids come to visit. And if I'm lucky maybe handsome man will come too.
Did I mention that I love surprises? Always have, always will. Last week was handsome mans birthday and I surprised him with a birthday package. It was so fun to put together. Given the fact that it seems that we some how skipped over our favorite things, I decided to gift him a collection of my favorite things, at least what I could fit in a box. Of course I had to make it cute and all and should have taken pictures but didn't. I know shame on me. The package included: A picture of Bronco Stadium because you all know how I love Boise State Football. My favorite movie New In Town. A cupcake picture frame with of course my ugly picture in it. This was to represent the fact that I would have made homemade cupcakes if we hadn't have been over 2,300 miles away from each other. My favorite church CD, "Come Sing To The Lord." One of my favorite books even though he doesn't like to read, Big Russ and Me by Tim Russert. The game Quiddler which he can't play by himself, but when I go to visit we can see who is the best speller. A picture of the Sweet Water Rescue that I had purchased when I was in Utah. I absolutely loved the picture. It reminds me that when I think my life is hard that it could be harder. And of course I had to include a tie. There is something about me and ties, ask my brothers they get ties for almost every occasion. I think he was a bit or rather a lot surprised. I mean really, who doesn't love to get a package in the mail, whether it is your birthday or not? And for him it was right in the middle of his busy work day!
So I was telling my grandmother about this and she thought it was a fantastic idea. She thought it was such a great idea that she was going to think about her favorite things and what she would put in a box and write them down for her meditation hour the next day. I wonder what she wrote down.

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