Friday, September 12, 2014

Alisha's Visit FF

Last week my cousin Alisha came to MVY for a visit.  I picked her up at the ferry Wednesday late afternoon.  It was her birthday so of course we had to go for a birthday dinner!  We had dinner at Grill on Main, which was really yummy!  They were so nice and even brought her a birthday dessert.
Thursday we walked to the library and then met my friend Melanie at the beach, where we chatted for a good 3 hours.  You know me and my love for the beach!  We then had dessert before dinner!  Dessert was a mouse bomb at Black Dog Cafe which we shared and then we had a delicious dinner at Little House Cafe; we of course shared fish tacos and chicken pita wraps.  We hiked into Lamberts Cove which is a private beach during the day, but open to the public to watch the sunset, which we quite enjoyed!
Friday we went to the beach again, but not before we had some clam chowder at the MVY Chowder House and did some shopping in Oak Bluffs.  We picked up (my last) Grace Church Lobster Rolls which we would have on Sunday for dinner.  We took the sister missionaries to get hermit cookies from Scottish Bake House.  These are my new favorite treat; they are a soft molasses cookie with raisins!  We then went out to the cliffs, which is by far my most favorite part of the island.  We had dinner at Linda Jeans and then did some shopping in Vineyard Haven.
Saturday we went to the farmers market, Alley's General Store, had pizza at Chilmark General Store and then went to Chilmark Chocolates.  I can't believe I have just discovered this little chocolate store.  These chocolates are made here and the store is staffed by people with special needs.  The chocolates seriously melt in your mouth! We went to the beach again but only for an hour because it was a bit chilly.  We did some shopping in Edgartown and then had Clam Chowder at The Atlantic, where we watched a 10ish year old ride his bike into the water.  It was so funny.
Sunday after our potluck at church we took a nap.  I love Sunday naps.  We then went out to Menemsha a cute fishing village where we ate our Lobster Rolls while we watched a beautiful sunset.
Monday morning Alisha had to leave, but not before we had breakfast at Lucky Hanks.  This is such a cute rustic restaurant and the oatmeal was delicious.

It was so much fun to have Alisha here.  We laughed a lot, relaxed and as you see we ate good food.  Alisha and I have always enjoyed good food.  The funny thing is she lost a pound being here.  It sounds like we ate a lot, but really only 1 big meal a day.  Even though Alisha was here on vacation, I felt like I was on vacation too!

I'm pretty sure my last beach day was yesterday.  The temperatures are staying in the low 70's, which makes me sad, but it's ok because in 2 weeks I'll be wishing for cooler temps when I arrive in Phoenix.


  1. WOW those sunsets are soooo beautiful, I bet your going to miss them!! What fun to have one of your very best friends and cousin visit. This blog shows memories made and bonding together--priceless!! The food all sounds delicious!! So fun!!

  2. Those sunset photos are beyond amazing!
    And now I want a lobster roll.