Monday, September 15, 2014

MVY Randomness

~My hair is wicked curly, especially in the back.  Sometimes I feel like I have a mullet and other times I feel like my hair looks like a clowns; if it had different colors that is.  Really it is fun having a different hair style, but I'd sometimes really like to straighten it.  However, every time I try, it just looks like a bouffant style.
~You can tell the Summer is over because all of the Summer nurses have left.  It feels so empty in the ED and on the island.  Yesterday was my favorite nurse Gabbys last day.  I have really enjoyed working with her and think of her as a great friend.  Anthony the other PA, is here year round.  He has been fun to work with this Summer.  Angela and Judy were awesome nurse assistants.  They have been missed the last few weeks when they went back to nursing school.
~I'm pretty much eating whatever I have left in my cupboards, fridge and freezer.  Lots of weird combinations.  Tonight:  sweet potato, black beans, chicken on top of lime tortilla chips.  Can I tell you how excited I am to be back on the mainland where I can get produce for cheap and to make fish tacos and borscht and everything pumpkin!
~I have already bought my plane ticket to go home for Thanksgiving!  The holidays are just around the corner!  The other day I asked Gabby is she knew what my favorite holiday was.  She was right on; Halloween because I love candy!  We have a candy drawer in the ER.  I'm always amazed at how quickly the candy goes once it is filled.
~I bought a new skirt last week that I'm so in love with.  It is the Downeast Ponte Pencil Skirt.  If you have a Downeast nearby or a store that carries Downeast, like I have, run out and buy you one; or buy it on line item #C21-A1.  I bought it in cream, because that is all they had, but I'm seriously going to buy another one, thinking I want the red, which actually looks more like coral or pink online.  I love how comfortable, stylish and modest this skirt is.
~I also bought a new pair of sandals.  They were 50% off and are my favorite brand Dansko!  These are so comfortable.  My sister Tenielle Dansko sandals all summer.
~Mr. J informed me this week that my Talbots package arrived in the mail!  Can you tell that I've had a little island fever and the need for a new wardrobe?
~I'm so going to miss my library.  I have a stack of books here that I'm trying to get through before I have to return them.  I have a new favorite Author Linda Fairstein that I've discovered this summer.  She has written several mystery books.  Warning she does say a few choice words here and there, but I love a good mystery.  I just finished A Year Of Pleasure by Elizabeth Berg.  Alisha also read it while she was here.  I really liked the book, it wasn't too long and kept my interest.
~Have you seen the previews for Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day?  It looks so funny and I hope that in October when I'm home that my nieces and nephews will want to go see it with me.  I'm pretty sure they will be laughing through the entire movie.  I love Jennifer Garner and Steve Corral and together I'm sure they will make a fabulous movie.
~I saw 2 skunks on my way home from work last night, one was crossing the street and the other was in my driveway when I pulled in.  Did you know there are more skunks in MA than anywhere else?
~It's beginning to look and feel a lot like Fall here on MVY, even though today it was super warm out at the beach.
~I can't get enough of Crystal light and hospital ice.  I'm sure Gabby is going to be happy not to hear me chomping on ice all day.
~Mr. J got me addicted to The Blacklist.  It starts back next Monday!  I can't wait.  I'm not really a TV person, but this is a great show!
~I was so impressed with the new Miss. America's modest, beautiful white dress last night. And hooray that Miss. Idaho got into the top 15.
~I might be going to Hawaii for 6 months at the beginning of 2015....decisions, decisions...

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  1. I can't believe how soon you will be here!! Hey Terah I'm going to Dad's October 16th the late flight have you gotten your flight yet? Mabe we could go together!! I couldn't believe Miss Idaho didn't go farther she was darling!!