Friday, September 26, 2014

Red and Blue

I love the color red so much, that I had a red wall in my kitchen in Charlotte and I will yet have another red wall if I ever have another house.  I love this color because it is bright and cheerful, almost like yellow!  Maybe the reason why I love Target, TJ Maxx and Talbots so much is because they have the color Red in their logo  (When I got off the island, it felt really good today to see a Target and TJ Maxx and know they still exist).  What I love the most about red today are the many red leaves on the tress that I passed on my drive this morning from Cape Cod to Providence.  Fall was definitely in the leaves this morning.  It was absolutely a beautiful sight.  I wish I could have video recorded or at least taken a few pictures as I drove down the freeway.  I think I was just about getting ready to enjoy Fall,  but I'm now on my way back to Summer.  I admit, I'm a little blue about this for a few reason.  I should be excited to be retuning to Phoenix, because of how I left things 4 months ago.  However, over the past 7 weeks, things have changed.  Yesterday I had full intentions of Mr. J picking me up from the airport (and he planned on doing so), but last night I changed my mind.  I'm not ready to see him.  I don't know when I will be.  For now I'm ok with my decision and am going to move forth with a smile on my face and a book in my hand!
Yes, I was posing in front of the red wall, not because I do this every day, but because I had to send in a picture of myself for the job I didn't keep.  Gosh I miss that hair.


  1. You are a smart girl Miss Terah Young! Smart and strong. And you look great in front of a red background.

  2. Red is really pretty that was my moms and is my dads favorite colors!! I like you love the fall and all the leaves especially the red ones!! Sorry Phoenix is a far cry from MV BUT remember the prices are better!! My hope is you will love your stay here and you will be very happy!!