Friday, September 26, 2014

See You Next Summer MVY FF

I truly have had one of the most incredible Summers of my life here on Martha's Vineyard.  I'm going to miss so many wonderful things about this little island...
1.  I have made some amazing friends here including my friend Melanie.  We had a wonderful dinner last night.  It was so fun to sit and talk with her.  She is always full of good advice.  I really am going to miss her.
2.  I love hearing the sound of the horn from the ferry letting us town-folk know of its arrival several times a day.
3.  I have so much enjoyed everything about my job here in the ER.  The staff have been absolutely magnificent, friendly, helpful and so much fun to work with.  What I have done here is true ER medicine, which I love!  There is a sense of accomplishment when you can stitch someone's laceration and send them out the doors better than when they walked in.  I was walking into work yesterday and thinking of how I felt so much at home here; maybe I'll make this my permanent Summer home...
4.  Nantucket Lemonade is cheaper here than any other place in the country and more delicious than any other lemonade...3 bottles for 4 dollars at our local stop and shop.  I love this stuff.  Lemonade to me screams Summer!
5.  I have loved my YMCA and my morning workouts! The money I paid for 3 months was worth it, definitely more than I pay in a year for the gym off island, but again worth it!  I'm not a fan however of running into Dr. Z there in the mornings when I have no makeup on.  I'm actually surprised that he recognizes me without my face on.  I have always been a fan of cycle and group power/body pump.  I will miss not having the later class in Phoenix, but I've done it enough through the years that I can do it on my own.
6.  Have you ever heard of a hermit?  It's a delicious, soft molasis cookie with rasins, which I get at Scottishbake house.  So yummy!  And my friend Anthony brought me two today!
7.  I'm really going to miss jogging by the ocean.  There is just nothing like it.  Tomorrow I'll be back to jogging down to the park with brown grass and concrete.

8.  It has been healing physically and emotionally after all I have gone through over the past year, to be here, by myself and to have so much time to relax and think.  Sometimes a girl just needs to be alone.  There is something to be said about letting a few dishes pile up in the sink, my shoes left throughout the house and to be able to run around in my underwear if I desire!
9.  Of course my library here!  I'm sure going to miss our times together.
10.  I think what I'm going to miss more than anything is being able to drive a mile or so to the beach where I can let go of my stress and relax while the sun beats down on me and the waves roll in!
11.  This is what fall looks like here today...and I drive by this awesome ski gate daily.

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  1. I can see why you will miss it, so many wonderful things!! BUT your still the girl that came to Phoenix the first time and drank fresh grapefruit while sitting in the sun with her feet on a box and looked like it was the most wonderful place in the world!! You have a GIFT for blooming where your planted and simply loving life!!