Friday, November 28, 2014

Birthday and Thanksgiving FF

1.  Saturday when I arrived in Boise I had lunch with my sister-in-law Danielle, my friend Kaycee and my parents.  It was a fun time and always so good to catch up!
2.  Of course since I usually works Saturdays and can't watch football, I had to come home to enjoy me some college football.  I don't know why I love it so much but I do and I don't even care much whose playing.  I of course love to watch BSU play and win, which they did!
3.  I spent sometime with my parents, aunts, uncles and Grandpa Saturday evening and then had USwirl with Alisha and mom where we were able to fill our cups for $4.  Mom got me a cute apron and angle Christmas tree ornament.  I got a cute letter in the mail from Aidree and Bridget that totally made my day.
4.  Sunday I had a lovely visit with Grandma Betty and Grandpa Randy and the kids came over to have Birthday cake.
5.  Monday and Tuesday I had lunch with friends and also went to a movie both evenings with Alisha. We saw Meet The Mormons and Best of Me.  They were both good, I bought the soundtrack to Best of Me a few weeks ago which I am loving.
6.  Wednesday we spent the day in the kitchen cooking, dancing and eating!  I love the day before Thanksgiving.  Tony even dances with a broom.
7.  Wednesday night the kids all came over for Spaghetti dinner and the boys compared their facial hair for no shave November.  My brothers are kind of weird!
Stella and Kaison are sot stinking cute!
Mom the photobomber.
8.  Thanksgiving day was relaxing and warm here, in fact it has been near 60 every day here in Idaho, which isn't typical, but we will take it.  We did our own Turkey Trot in the morning so that we wouldn't feel so bad eating all of our delicious food.  Mom always has cute table decorations and the kids love the only time we have a jump house in the backyard.
9.  This morning I got a great deal on an Ipod mini (and we didn't even leave the house until 930) which I use when I work out.  Mine has pretty much died.  I love a good sale.  It was 170 at the Apple Store, 140 at Costco and 120 at Bestbuy.
10.  I'm on the third book of Big Stone Gap series.  It's really good and I'm so glad they have it on ebooks through my favorite Oak Bluffs Library.
11.  My nieces and nephews are so cute.  Stella and Grandpa call each other chicken hawk.  It's so funny.  This morning I ran into Stella and Becky at Fred Myers.  My dad called to see wear I was and I let Stella answer.  She say's "Hi grandpa, I'm shopping."  And then I hear her say, "no I'm not chicken hawk, your chicken hawk."  Two year olds are so much fun!  I would definitely consider adopting one someday!


  1. WOW all I can is you have an awesome family!! Sounds like your having all kinds of fun!! 60 degrees LUCKY!!!!!!! You do love a good deal!! Cute pictures!! Tell Tonia Marie He's a chicken hawk (I have to get in on the fun!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I love and miss you and your family.