Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I have a very big decision that I need to make in the next 2 weeks.  I feel like I did when I finished graduate school, because I'm making the same kind of decisions I did then.  I think it is harder this time though, because I have experience.

The decision you ask....where do I live and which job do I take?

I have two amazing opportunities, two very different opportunities and in two different states.  I have weighted each of the pro's and con's of both opportunities over and over in my mind and they both would be wonderful.

The decision I make will ultimately determine the people that I will effect and who will have an effect on my life, what kind of house I will live in and what ward I will go to.  It will most definitely determine my happiness.  I can be happy anywhere and would be happy I'm sure with whatever decision I make, but...where the Lord's plan for me is yet to be determined.

And so, I will continue to be extremely faithful and prayerful and let you know when the decision has been made.  A few extra prayers said in my behalf won't hurt either.

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  1. You got it, the prayers that is!! You'll figure it out the beat for you with Heavenly Fathers help I have NO doubt!!!