Friday, November 21, 2014

Final Decision FF

1.  Last Friday I met up with my friends the Sondrups at Liberty Market where we had lunch on the patio in NOVEMBER.  It was such fun.  I really enjoy spending time with these great friends of mine and of course I love me a delicious Cuban sandwich.
2.  Allegiant Airlines didn't disappoint.  I loved how small the Mesa airport is, how easy it was to go through security and how easy parking was.  I will definitely be flying this airline often, especially because it will be close once I find a home close by.
3.  Speaking of which...I accepted a job in Casa Grande, AZ at an Urgent Care, working for EMP the company I worked for in the ER in Charlotte.  This is a fabulous physician owned company, with wonderful benefits!  I am excited to work 9, 12 hour shifts a month; 108 hours a month is considered full time. I won't however start working until late February or early March because it takes that long to get credentialed.  Oh the joys of paperwork in medicine (something they don't tell you about when you are in school.)  I'm so happy to have finally made this decision after 3 months of thinking and praying for the right opportunity.  Casa Grande is between Phoenix and Tucson.  I will live on the outskirts of Phoenix.  I got the sweetest email from a friend last week that helped me more than she will ever know she said, quoting my friend Laurens husbands talk that I actually remember, "'I don't think there are any WRONG decisions when you are trying to do what will bring you closer to the Lord'. Both of his choices were GOOD choices. There wasn't a WRONG choice. Whew! I guess my point is, I think we're going to meet the Lord and realize that things weren't as complicated as we thought. As long as you are trying to be closer to the Lord, there are no wrong decisions. Different paths on how to get there, maybe. When you make your decision, don't look back. Don't second guess yourself."
4.  When I was in SLC on Monday I interviewed for an amazing job, doing both medicine and health promotion (using my undergrad degree and grad degree).  But I would have had to work 5 days a week, which I didn't want to do.  However they have 2 clinics in Phoenix and opening another one this Spring.  After speaking with them this week I will have the opportunity to work some with this company in Phoenix as well.  I'm excited to see what the future holds with my career!
5.  Friday mom, Tenielle, Tristen, Aidree, Bridget and I went to Disney on Ice.  It was fun to watch Aidree and Bridget be entertained by their favorite Disney Characters.
6.  Saturday morning we had pedicures and then took Tanners girlfriend Kayla dress shopping for her big day.  We then had dinner as a family.  When I say big day for Kayla it means she got baptized.  And the sweetest thing was that Tanner got to baptize her.  The service was beautiful.  My dad spoke, her cousin and her bishop.  I loved her bishops talk about how he believed there really weren't coincidences in life, but that Heavenly Father puts people and experiences in our lives for a reason.  (pictures to come).
7.  Sunday services were wonderful and so was Kaylas confirmation performed by my dad.  The high councilman and his wife spoke on marriage and family.  I loved the story Fanny's Dream that the high councilman told. It gave me hope in finding a good man.
8.  After church we visited our friends who have 6 week old twins and I had a lovely chat with my dear friend Jenny!  We are already planning our next vacation!
9.  Monday I stopped by and saw my friends Jaime and Kristen before I flew back to Phoenix.  I sure love my friends!
10.  Tomorrow I will fly home for my birthday and Thanksgiving for a whole week!  Oh how I love a break from work and to relax at home!
11.  Today is my Grandma Youngs Birthday.  She would have been 89 today.  I miss her cherry filled Christmas cookies!

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