Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cancer Update

The Friday before I went to Seattle and while I was out on my morning jog, because it is finally cool enough in the mornings to jog in Phoenix, Dr. Dan called to let me know that I didn't match for the trial.  

He did talk with Dr. P in Boston about different kinds of treatments that I could have.  Dr. P did feel like we should wait on surgery.  However when Dr. Dan was talking to me he felt like I should have surgery and also that I should start on immunotherapy.  Immunotherapy has not been approved by the FDA for treatment in OVC, however they are finding that it is working and it has been approved for 6 other cancers.

Because it isn't approved, we have to jump through some hoops.  They will send it into the insurance company to see if they will approve it.  If it is denied, Dr. Dan will write a letter.  If it is still denied then we will go to the company that makes the drug to see if they will cover the costs or at least some of the cost.  The cost is about 12000 per treatments and I should have it every 2-3 weeks.

Thursday I went to a small town in eastern Idaho to do some naturopathic treatment.  My tailbone pain started up pretty bad after treatment.  I was suppose to have 5 days of treatment, but I had to stop it today because of the pain.  I am mostly in pain when I sit, but the pain is worse when I lay down in any position.  I'm frustrated that I'm not well after 3 years of treatment.  But I still have hope that something, sometime will work.  I can't give up hope or the fight and I won't.

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