Friday, September 16, 2016

It's The Weekend

It's the weekend, which means tomorrow is Football Saturday (even though BSU has a bye week) I'll still be watching a little here and there.

In 15 minutes my ride will be here to take me to the airport yet again.  I'm off to Seattle this weekend to visit HM and Aubrey.  I think things will be rather low key while I'm there.  I'm excited for the rain and cooler temperatures that are predicted.  I'm looking forward to a run in the rain.  There is an awesome trail near HM's home that is peaceful and beautiful.  I hope to frequent it daily.

I'm planning on doing some cooking while I'm in Seattle.  I like to go out to dinner and try new restaurants, but I also like to cook and know exactly what I'm eating.  Hopefully HM likes lemon chicken, because my mouth has been watering for it.

Hope you have some fun and relaxing things planned this weekend.

Shout out to my sister Tenielle whose 38 Birthday is today!  I love this picture.  It was 5 weeks before I was diagnosed with OVC.  No worries of cancer only good times watching some bull riding.

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