Friday, September 9, 2016

End of Idaho Summer

I love this, even though it is still summer here in Phoenix, as in it was over 100 today.

It's always sad to me when the kids go back to school and everyone thinks Summer is over when it really isn't.  I returned to Nampa the day the kids went back to school August 22 (Aidree started school this week and Bridget starts next week).
I was so glad that after school they came over to swim, have family home evening and to tell us all about their first day of school.  Grandma even made cupcakes with MM's to resemble color crayons.
These kids are too cute.  Graham and Carter facetimed for the first time.  Little do they know in a few years they are going to be the best of friends.
One afternoon I spent a few hours with my friend Kayla who went to Haiti in February, because remember I was going to go? She went even though I had to pull out.  I so much enjoyed listening to her stories about Haiti and the medical mission.  She is going again in November and wants me to come along, but that will depend on my health and what happens in the coming months.

My cousin Chandler returned home from his 2 year mission to Tucson last month and gave his mission report when I was home.  It was super fun to see many of our family members at church.
Girl Cousins are the best.  Oldest is 43, Youngest is 8.
 It was a great surprise to run into my childhood friend Mark.
I had a lovely lunch with Kaycee and Alisha and got to see this cute boy.
I had the biopsy for the clinical trial.  They went through my left buttock.  I had a hard time coming out of the sedation, which I always do.  I was sore and tired the first day, but healed up rather quickly.  It is always a fun surprise when a handsome man sends you flowers, especially when you have to get stuck in the butt.
I love canning.  Seriously I do.  There is something lovely about fruit in jars and hearing the pop of the lids when they are ready.  I also love dried fruit and having it for the Winter months.  We canned peaches and pear sauce and dried pears and peaches while I was home.  Mom made several fresh peach pies, which were out of this world delicious.
Last weekend we spent in SLC to visit some of my siblings.  Saturday we went to Swiss days where we also had to stop off at Grannies Drive-Inn for an almond joy shake.  I haven't been to either for 3 years.  Oh, how things have changed in 3 years.
I'm still kind of sad about not going to MVY this year, but at least I get beautiful pictures from there daily.
My favorite season is upon us, that's right my friends it's football season!  4 months of weekends full of football games!  I don't even really care who is playing, I just love the sport.  Of course I am partial to BSU and always will be, but I also like Utah, BYU, Texas AM, Clemson and Alabama to name a few.  I spent several hours watching some pretty intense football games this past weekend, including the BYU/UOA game in which BYU won in the final 4 seconds. And tomorrow Utah plays BYU.  I can't tell you which team I hope wins, but whichever one wins is the one I'll be rooting for.

Sunday my friend Jenny and her husband came to visit and then my friends from grad school came over.  It is always fun to sit and chat for hours with these friends.  It's crazy to think we have been practicing medicine for 12 years.
Labor Day we went on an awesome hike.  Oh, how I miss hiking.  I can't wait until it cools down in Phoenix so I can go hiking more often.
That evening I went to my friends the McConkies.  Shelley, her 6 kids and I went to their local you pick farm and picked produce which we then turned into our dinner.  The watermelon and tomato's were delicious.
And the most sister Tenielle got engaged.  We spent several hours on Friday and Saturday dress shopping for not only Tenielle but also Tanner's finance Kayla.  Thankfully Kayla found a dress, because they are getting married in only 1 month.  Tenielle's wedding date is set for December 16.  Holidays this year, will be a little different for sure.
Mom and Dad came home to Phoenix with me on Tuesday.
I worked the past few days and I've put dad to work.  There are several projects going on here.  Hopefully come Tuesday when my parents leave, they will all be completed and I will feel that my house is finally complete.

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  1. So much in this blog and so many beautiful pictures!1 I love fall!! Annoying Phoenix doesn't know what fall is!! I love peaches!! Got some good ones in Phoenix and Becki gave me a few from Idaho!! I hate for peach season to pass!!