Sunday, September 18, 2016

Home Projects

Mom and Dad flew back to Phoenix with me after Labor Day so you know what I did don't you?  One guess, new house/older house means the need for updates.

We got a lot accomplished, but there is still a lot left to do.  We also found the day they were leaving, that I have a major leak at my rose bush.  Grrr.

No joke, we spent at least 24 hours trying to make decisions, going back and forth to the tile shop and home depot.  Seriously we went to Home Depot in just a few day 16 times; because we forgot things or didn't have things because dad doesn't have his tools in AZ.  Thankfully my friends and neighbors had a lot of tools.  I now however am a proud owner of a nail gun and tile cutter; so if you are in phoenix and need to borrow them, you are welcome to them anytime.  It also means I'll have to put dad to work again when he comes in February.

We put backsplash in the kitchen (mom and I actually did most of it and it was easy), bead-board up under the bar and used the cabinets (because they brought the wrong ones) that I asked the cabinet people to pick up at least 5 times since April and didn't, for an entertainment center.  They fit perfectly.  I want to put paneling on the wall of the entertainment center and some shelves, but for now I will have to live with a slightly unfinished entertainment center until dad returns.  I kind of feel bad that I work my parents when they come to visit, but dad actually told me he enjoyed it.

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