Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Bali Day 6

Today I checked off visit a Monkey Forest from my bucket list.  This was just down the street from our resort.  It was a little scary when the monkeys would try to take what was in your hands.  There were tons of them from newborn to grandpas.  It was pretty funny when a monkey and its cohorts found a bag of corn on a scooter and like nothing, stripped those in no time.  Next time I need to shuck some corn I'll have to find a monkey.
Pam, mom and I then walked down the streets enjoying the shops and some coconut ice cream.  We also passed a few temples and we went to The Market that wasn't so great because it smelled, but I did buy a cute Balinese purse that I should have paid less for, but the people wouldn't budge.  It is made with some kind of wood/grass.  Probably not something I'll use every day, but it is different. 

We also walked and walked and walked to find an organic restaurant among the rice patties.  By the time we got there I was pretty sure I was going to die from dehydration and heat stroke.  It was worth it, more so when we walked down hill which took us minutes compared to walking uphill in the heat.  It was crazy to think there were actually businesses on this dirt road among the rice patties.  Cars weren't able to get here, so I guess we could have rented a scooter and piled on like the locals, but I'm a little scared of things with 2 wheels.  I will say that when we got back down the hill we did pay a taxi to take us back to our resort where we quickly changed into our bathing suits and joined the kids and guys in the pool.
This evening we went to dinner at a traditional Balinese restaurant, where we sat on a raised floor, like without chairs.  Mom and dad weren't so hip on the idea.  Old age I guess; ha ha.  I am kind of tired of Asian food and to be honest, I'm not a super fan of Asian food.  So I ordered a pretty yummy pasta dish.  I actually haven't felt really good since I've been here.  It comes and goes, but I'm not really eating much and when I do eat mom and I usually split a meal.  I will definitely not be gaining any weight on this trip.
We also watched a Balinese Ballet/Dance during our dinner.  It was interesting.   I didn't really follow it, but it was ok.  The music and costumes were cool.

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