Monday, May 22, 2017

Tony Got Married

This past weekend couldn't have been better.  After working 3 days, I flew to SLC for the final wedding of my siblings  Friday morning all of us girls went for a pedicure.
We then had lunch and a little nap.

That evening we spent with family and friends for Tony and Erin's wedding dinner.  Tony has such a great group of friends and a wonderful support system.  At the end of the evening, Tony told us that they chose teal as one of their wedding colors because of me and OVC.  I was not aware of this until then.  How sweet are they? 

We had 3 boxes of left over sandwiches.  Tony and I went down to the street that the homeless shelter is on and handed them out.  It was such a great experience.  Tony surprised me by capturing it in a video. 
That night I got to see Tony and Erin's home for the first time.  It is a darling older home that has been renovated.  I love it and know they will have a great life in it, until of course they get a bigger one when they need to make room for their family.  They have an awesome, very large yard. 

Saturday was such a beautiful day for a wedding. 
I loved that the tulips were still out, which is rare for this late in May.  The sealer did such a beautiful job.  I loved that he mentioned that he felt those family members who have passed on where in our presence.  I felt them too, especially my Grandma Swensen.  I got to sit where the grandmothers typically sit and when he said that I felt as if she was sitting in the empty seat next to me with her arm around me.
The wedding was in the afternoon which was perfect since we didn't have to wait around too long for pictures and then the reception. The view from the reception was beautiful.  It was so fun to visit with so many friends.  I spent most of the time talking with my friends from PA school.  They are like Tony's personal PA's.  I also loved dancing with my nieces and nephews and my friend Tyler.
I loved this table that they had set up.
And now all of my siblings are married.  Which means I get kicked out of the queen beds when they all come home because I'm the only single one, even though I'm the oldest.  I kind of feel like Dan, In Real Life.

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