Friday, May 5, 2017

Bali Day 8

Today we left Ubud to go to the South West side of the island.  But not before mom, Pam and I had a 2 hour spa treatment at our resort  that was out of this world amazing.  They first treated us with a warm tea.  Then we had an hour massage, a sugar and coconut scrub and then a polish.  Kind of sounds like a car.  We washed this all off in the most amazing flower bath I've ever had.  I'm not sure why we don't bath in flowers and banana leaves more often.  After our treatments we had some delicious hibiscus tea and some really yummy cookies.  I think mom would say this was the best Mother's Day gift she's ever had.

On our way to Denspar we stopped at a wood carving place where we learned to make something like this it takes about 9 weeks or was it 9 months or was it 3 or 6 months; I can't remember. 
We also stopped at a fabric making factory.  Which was totally hot and cool.  I don't see how these people work when it's so hot. 
And my favorite part of today was this breathtaking waterfall.  If I felt better I totally would have walked down to the falls.  I've always ted to swim under falls.  We had lunch with this beautiful view as our backdrop.
We are staying at the Intercontinental which is suppose to be the best resort on the island.  It is pretty amazing, but I still really like the first place we stayed.  Our stay includes High Tea every afternoon and Happy Hour from 4-7.  Their happy hour includes drinks and appetizers, which we pretty much treat as a dinner.  We are able to go to the club and the sanctuary for drinks anytime, which is great.  For dinner tonight I actually ordered room service; steamed broccoli and tomato soup from the kids menu.  It was so yummy and hit the spot since I haven't felt too good today.

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