Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bali Day 7

Today was one of my favorite days in Bali.  Pam and her family went on a bike tour, while we went to a Balinese cooking class.  They picked us up and others and took us to a market where they explained the different ingredients that are typically used in Balinese cooking.  There were a total of 9 of us in the class.  Everyone was so nice.  There was a girl from Brazil, a couple from Canada and Germany and a guy from London.
The class was held at a families home.  We were greeted with a lovely very light frozen lemonade.  I loved it because it wasn't very sweet and I still don't really have my sweet tooth back, except for sour patch kids.  We then made these offering things that are every where and made from banana leaves.
To make one bottle of coconut oil which is seen in the middle of this table, it takes 15 coconut.  They use every part of the coconut including the husks because they don't have charcoal. 
We made several dishes and had fun doing so.  Seriously this was such a fun time and everything was so fresh and delicious.  I especially loved the mushroom soup that had a hint of lime in it.  The curry was delicious as well.  In the end the gave us a recipe book and maybe when I see Pam we will have to have a day of Balinese cooking.  I'll have to post the mushroom soup later, because I loved it and so did my stomach.  I've learned that I can't eat but a few bites of food or I will get sick.  
All of the dishes were fantastic.  I really liked the curry and the green bean salad. 

This afternoon we took a taxi to a store that we wanted to visit where I bought a darling dress.  We also walked down the Monkey street visiting shops and at the end saw more monkeys.
My feet were tired from walking so I had a $7 foot massage that was out of this world amazing.

For dinner we stayed in because we weren't really hungry, but dad did go back to the French Bakery and got us another chocolate and caramel tart.

I've been listening to this fabulous book called, Walk On Earth  A Stranger.  If you are looking for a great Summer read this is it.

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