Friday, April 25, 2014

An Easter and more Fabulous Friday!

1.  Yes you get 2 weeks of FF!  It has been a fabulous 2 weeks.  I can't believe this week has sped by so quickly.  Easter celebrations were such fun with Mr. J and his Little A's.  I had so much fun shopping for them!  I got up early Sunday morning and headed over, but not before Mr. J had to tell the little A's that the Easter Bunny did come, but he had to put the baskets away until I got there.  It was fun to see their excitement to what the Easter Bunny brought.  My mom always made Easter and every holiday so much fun for us, so of course I have to follow in her footsteps
We had sticky buns and fruit for breakfast.  Mr. J looks awesome in his kitchen attire that his mom made for him!
Mr. J kisses my forehead a lot.  I think it is so cute!
2.  Easter Dinner was so much fun with my cousins, including new baby Bravery.  She is darling.  It was fun to see Little Girl A and Mr. J holding her.  I love the way she was crossing her arms and stretching her cute little arms.  I wish I would have gotten a close up, this baby is so beautiful!  I love this picture.  I think it is so precious.
 We used china, silver and the crystal!  Mr. J brought me this lily which was perfect for our center piece.
 The kids had fun eating outside, where the weather was perfect!
 Jackson is a doll!  I know a lot of cute 3 year olds!
 Do you see our garden behind these cute guys?  I can't believe we already have produce growing here in April!
 I made a coconut cake!  Deliciousness for sure!
 Of course we had an Easter Egg Hunt!
 I got the Little A's bike shirts because they have been learning how to ride their bikes!
3.  I scored big time on after Easter candy at Target yesterday!  Of course I'll be bringing it with me on our long flight to Europe in just 5 weeks!
4.  Wednesday when Mr. J and I had lunch on the patio, while waiting for our meal out of the blue he say's, "you are so pretty."  Made me smile really big, because I admit I don't feel so pretty with boy hair.
5.  The A/C unit in my house in CLT went out, boo...but I have a great connection who was able to put a new one in for much cheaper than if someone else was to do it.  I'm grateful for Nick and all that he does to help me with that house.  I'm always torn between if I should sell it or keep it as a rental.
6.  We got plane tickets to Boise....Mr. J is coming home with me for Mother's Day.  I can't wait to show him off and to spend 4 days with him where we don't have to go to work!
7.  2 weeks ago my cousins came for dinner.  3 year old Jackson needed stitches removed, my medical team was awesome at assisting me!
8.  This morning I picked my friend Holly up from where she was staying just down the street.  I brought her back to my place where we had spinach shakes and toast out on the swing.  It was fun to sit and chat with her before I took her to the airport.
9.  I am still working out 5-6 days a week.  I increased my weight lifting this week.  It makes me feel so good!  I am going to miss my cycle teacher, given the fact that I am going to start working days for the next 4 weeks, which means I will have to get up and go to the gym and cycle class at 5:45.  I've loved working 1:30-10:00.  I have great evening nurses!
10.  Twice this week I've been able to get off at 7:00 because we have been short nurses.  Wednesday evening it was fun to play Sorry with the kids and then to read from the Book Of Mormon stories before they went to bed.
11.  Tonight Mr. J picked me up from work.  He took me to the Cheesecake factory where I had the most delicious salad.  Then we laughed while watching Dan In Real Life.  We both agreed it was so fun to have a Friday night date.


  1. I love all the pictures! Thank you for sharing them! Missing my family :)

  2. Glad you enjoy them, I put a lot on here with you in mind!

  3. Easter was fun, I loved having Deborah's family, Laura's family, Jana's family and ofcoarse You, MrJ and the little A's as you put it!! Thank you for all your help!! I love all the pictures!! There's some really cute ones if you and Mr. J!! You are beautiful Terah short or long hair it doesn't matter!!

  4. What a fun holiday- great pics of everyone!