Thursday, April 17, 2014

CA 125 Update

I forgot to mention last week that I got my CA 125 results from when I was home:  less than 6!  That is less than ever!  It means that is is basically 0.  Yesterday I was thinking about how so so-real this past year has been.  It's crazy to think that I went through cancer, chemo, surgeries and am now back to working and my normal life.  I'm happier and feel healthier than ever before!

Now if this hair would just grow quicker, that would be nice...

I'm feeling like my hair looks like the teenage boy who is being rebellious and doesn't want to cut his hair, because that is exactly what my hair looks like; bad.  But it also has the older man look too, curl that is slightly wavy/frizzy; ugly.  If I don't have gel in my hair it's a bad thing.  I'm going to try the Emma look today (fohawk like), her hair always looks cute, we shall see what happens...ok so I don't have a close up of her hair, but this is what I found of you Emma, including one of my favorite RS activities(last one)!


  1. Your hair looks great and It's growing fast!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow, I've been trying to get to bed early so we basically don't get to talk!!

  2. Woot for your test results, Terah! So awesome.
    Loved your hair description because that sounds exactly like what I've got going on up on my head. It's pretty sad looking. I finally have longer hair than my boys though, so I guess that's a plus.

  3. Terah! I haven't been a dedicated blog reader of blogs lately and here is a shout out to me! You can rock it girl :). Your hair looks awesome- my, doesn't time fly?!