Friday, April 11, 2014

Homage FF

1.  It was so good to be home last weekend, to be around my siblings, sister-in-laws, nieces and nephew's and my parents.  It is always crazy loud when we are together, but we always have a great time together!  Look at this hair!  It's coming in!  I'm so ready for more of it!
Aidree and Bridget's way of watching General Conference.  We do a lot of dancing and putting on makeup when we are together!
2.  Saturday after the first session of conference we had a girls lunch with Grandma Betty, Grandpa Randy's sister, Tanner's girl and her mom. We always go to Cafe De CoCo which is in downtown Nampa, where Grandma Betty and I always get the ever so unhealthy, but delicious oatmeal with gelato!  Tristen ordered us desert, 5 different ones and we passed them around so all could partake.  Grandma Betty is the best and we always enjoy our time with her.  We went around the table and said one thing that we were looking forward to.  I of course said I was looking forward to my trip to Europe and the future.  Mom said she was looking forward to a wedding.  I wonder who's wedding she was talking about.  I sure love these women in my life.  I'm so grateful for the relationships that we have.

3.  Saturday afternoon I made Gumbo!  It was yummy, even though I wasn't really hungry.  That evening I spent time with my swimming sisters.  One will be moving to Texas this Summer which will be so sad, but we will stay in touch of course!  It was so fun to sit and chat for over 2 hours!
4.  While I was in Idaho Mr. J and I skyped for 3 hours.  I can't get enough of that handsome man, even when I'm in Idaho!
5. I have always loved rain boots and was so happy that all of my nieces and nephews got a pair this season.  Had to take some pictures with them!
6.  Monday evening I was so happy to be home after work to spend time with Mr. J.  I really did miss him.  How we will be apart this Summer for 3 months is beyond me.
7.  Yesterday when I got home from the gym I had a text from Mr. J asking me if I wanted to do lunch (We had to forgo our Wednesday hike and lunch because he had some work to do). Of course!  I was ready in 20 minutes. We only had an hour, but we made the most of it!!!!
8.  I love Pandora Radio.  I put in Philip Philips this morning because I like him.  It's a great station.  I also like Today's Country.  I'm always looking for new songs to add to my workout regimen.
9.  Speaking of working out, this morning I ran 4 miles because I woke 10 minutes too late for my cycle class, which means I'll do cycle at 8am tomorrow.  It was super hot outside, but at the park that I run in the sprinklers were on, so I cooled down by running through them!
10.  As I type I'm sitting in my bathing suit in the backyard getting some rays...It's April folks and it's in the 90's.  I love it!
11.  I'm so excited for this weekend to spend with Mr. J and his Little A's.  I'm falling in love with these 3 people and I couldn't be happier!  I feel like I'm smiling all the time because of them!


  1. Oh how I am waiting to tease you when its 120 out side and you curse the day you laid eyes on ARIZONA!! 90 in April is HORRID!!! Its coming ta da ta da--the HEAT!!! so I'll drop that hot topic and say I love those rain boots so cute and colorful, darling pictures!! All I can say about you and Jason is you both seem smitten!!

  2. Bring on the heat and the tan! I love rain boots, something we don't really need in AZ...Mr. J and I are definitely smitten and I love every moment of it!