Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday, Monday

You know the song, Monday Monday by the Mamas and the Papas?  I've got the tune in my mind.  It is a beautiful day here in Phoenix, low 70's, wind blowing and I'm sitting out on the swing listening to the wind chimes, which I love the sound of.  I'm glad it is cool, because Mr. J works outside all day and it was a very hot day on Friday when he pulled a 15 hour day.  Mr. J....ahhhhhh! We had a great weekend!  If I'm not working or he isn't working we are together.  I love it!  I said to him on Saturday, "I've always wanted to find a man who wanted to spend every moment of every day with me, even though I didn't (because I need my space).  I've found him.  But we both agreed that we have enough space when we work and then we want to be with each other when we can!  I'm pretty sure we will be just fine come Summer when I go to MVY, because I just got my schedule unbeknownst to him yet and I have an entire week off in July, which means I will have an entire week with him either in MVY or Utah!  Mom and Tenielle are already planning on me coming to Utah.  We shall see.

In other news...I am developing an awful chest cold, which I'm afraid is going to develop in to pneumonia.  I'm hoping not, but it is totally in my chest and it really hurts to cough.  Yes, I still went to the gym and did cycle this morning and yes Mr. J and I are still kissing.  I mean really if I have it I'm sure he will get it, even though I hope he doesn't.

I'm excited for Easter Weekend!  I got the cutest yellow dress for Little Girl A and a matching yellow and navy blue tie for Little Boy A.  It's going to be such a great weekend!  Let's hope this week passes quickly!

There is a fun run in Boise called Boise's Got Faith, to support 2 sweet girls who have had cancer on May 4.  This was started a few years ago by a guy I went to High School with because his niece Faith fought cancer and won!  I wish I could be there but I can't.  They are ordering shirts today and I love what they say, "It takes Faith to conquer Cancer."  If you can go, sign up and run for me!


  1. Pneumonia??? Why did you go to the gym and go to work and go to Jasons??? You should be in bed drinking lots of water!!! My goodness!!! Linda she doesn't listen to me, any advise???

  2. Oh, its just a little cough. I overcame cancer, I can over come anything. I drank lots of water today and Mr. J wrapped me in a blanket and snuggled me. I need to go the gym so my clothes will fit, it is Easter Week and I want to be able to eat some candy.