Friday, April 4, 2014

Hello April FF

1.  Saturday I went to the temple and enjoyed seeing little bits of Spring along my way.  It is sad that we don't have all the seasons in AZ, but Aunt Leslie warned me so I'm well prepared.  It just means I have to go home each season.
2.  Saturday night was a relaxing one for us.  We watched Ramona and Beazus which I love and the kids did too.  Mr. J and I much enjoyed the evening once the kids went to bed.  That man makes me love every moment I am with him.
3.  This past Saturday was the Women's General Conference.  All women ages 8 and up were invited, first time since 1992.  It was most enjoyable.  I loved the entire conference, but especially Elder Eyrings talk.  I'm grateful to be part of the largest women's organization in the world.  What a blessing it is to be a Relief Society sister and to be surrounded by such amazing women in my life.
4.  Sunday I got to go with Mr. J to Primary.  I love primary and watching him teach the gospel to these young kids.  I did sneak into RS where we learned about ways to apply General Conference in our lives.  I love GC which is this weekend!  We had fun Skyping my family.  It was so cute when Aidree asked Little Girl A if she could see her room and we showed it to her.  Even cuter was when Little Girl A told Aidree that she had school off on Saturday and wanted her to come play and then Aidree said they could have a slumber party.  So cute!  Too bad they don't live closer.
5.  I worked days this week; I think I like working afternoons better.  It was nice to have my evenings to spend with Mr. J though.  He came over Monday night and we had a nice cuddle session on the swing outside! 
6.  Wednesday Jason, the kids and I went to my first professional baseball game; Diamondbacks vs. Giants.  It was cold and kind of boring, but something I can cross off my bucket list.
7.  I was suppose to go to a medical conference on Thursday, but I decided that I needed a me day and I didn't want to drive downtown.  It was nice to be lazy in the morning, then I went jogging instead of to the gym because it was nice and cool.  I spent a few hours with Mr. J and the kids when they got out of school.  We had my favorite Fish Tacos with Kiwi Salsa.  The kids loved them too.  Unfortunately I had to rush off to the airport and Mr. J had to clean up my mess.  He is such a good man though.   I loved Mr. J's prayer over the food.  He blessed me, that everything would go well with my visit to Dr. Dan and with my family and that I would be safe and come back to them.  Oh, man he is sweet!
8.  It is so good to be home.  We have had a good day!  Started off this morning seeing Dr. Dan.  He was so excited that I was doing well.  My nurse was my cousins wife as his normal nurse was out and she has recently started working there.  I still don't have my CA 125 results but I'm sure they will be normal.  We had fun at Kids Gap where I bought some Easter and Christmas presents!  I love shopping for other people!  We had lunch with my most amazing friends Kay and Kaycee and cousins at Flatbread Pizza.  It was such fun to all be together and to catch up.  I'm such a lucky girl to have such sweet women in my life.

9.  Tonight the kids came over and Tenielle and Tanner drove in.  We made homemade pizza and sat around laughing at youtube videos. My favorite has always been cars sliding and crashing in bountiful 400 north.  Look it up, you will be laughing so hard.  Everyone is home for the weekend except for Tony because his mission president from Argentina is in SLC this weekend and they were having a mission reunion.  Fun for him.  We will have a very enjoyable next 2 days watching conference and just being together.  I will never forget last October GC that I was sick after having chemo and the talk on endurance by President Monson.  Looking forward to so many awesome talks this weekend and spending time with my family!

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  1. No one puts more into a week like you do, except Jennifer!! It doesn't get any better than this!! So glad you are enjoying HOME!! So far I imagine you are loving this conference, the talks are so amazing!!! see you soon Love Aunt L