Sunday, April 20, 2014


After surviving Ovarian Cancer, Easter means so much more to me this year.  I've never understood as much or been as grateful for the Atonement and the Resurrection as I have come to learn this past year.  I'm ever so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ, His Birth, His Life, His Example, His Atonement and His Resurrection.  If there is one thing I've learned this past year it is that the Atonement is real and is more than just for sin.  In the Garden Of Gethsemane our Savior suffered for our pains, our sicknesses, our heartaches and our disappointments.  In those moments of illness and pain when I felt no one could possibly understand what I was going though, it was then that I felt the sweet assurance and peace that the one person who did know exactly was my Savior.  In those moments when I felt I couldn't take anymore I felt Him lighten the heavy burdens from my shoulders and shower me with peace and love.

With the Passing of my Grandpa this past year, I've reflected on the Resurrection a little more this Easter Day.  I'm grateful to know that I will see him again someday.  That his body will be reunited with his spirit and that he will be the same person as he was when he left his mortal journey.

Today as I skyped my parents my mom said that she was grateful that I am alive.  It brought tears to my eyes, knowing that in my darkest hours of pain and illness that Heavenly Father could have easily taken me back to Him.  How grateful I am to have life and to be living in this moment.

We had stake conference today which was a neat way to spend Easter Morning.  One talk stood out to me so much about how we do everything in the gospel 1 time, baptism, blessings and such, but we partake weekly of the Sacrament to remind us of our Savior, the covenants we have made and to be a witness of Him in our daily lives.

It was fun for me to spend from sun up to sun down with Mr. J and his little A's.  Easter is even more fun with kids!  I enjoyed teaching the little A's a little about what the true meaning of Easter is and sharing my testimony with them.  (I'll fill you in all the rest of the day's event on FF; and yes I know I skipped this weeks, but I'll catch you up on Friday, so stay tuned!) Oh, and yes I have the best Aunt Leslie and Uncle Gordon ever.  Happy Anniversary to you love birds.  So grateful for them and their grapefruit tree's!


  1. Life is good!! Everyone is so thankful your dong so well, we love having you with us this spring!! Hey Terah how I want you to spend a summer here so I can tease you about how fun it is!! Instead your going to fun cool places--Ugh not fair!! Cute pictures!!! Love AL

  2. They are the best! I agree! Love the cute photos. Thank goodness for our Savior and his atonement!