Friday, June 12, 2015

A Short Visit Home FF

1.  Last Friday I flew home for a very short, but very full visit.  Mom, Tristen, Tony, Tenielle, Aidree and Bridgett picked me up from the airport.  We ran some errands and got empanadas from the only Argentine Restaurant in Boise.  Someone had a little fun with my phone and in the tree:
That evening mom and dads stake had a luau.  It was ok.  We talked to friends from High School which was fun.  I should have gotten a picture of our friend Ricky.
2.  Saturday morning we enjoyed the beautiful cool morning on a walk where I got blisters on both of my feet from wearing shoes that I typically don't wear and without socks.  Dad, Tenielle and I went to Grandma and Grandpa Youngs for likely the last time to help clean out and get rid of everything.  Of course I did gain a few treasures!
 I'm pretty sure that my grandma has had this wall paper in their house for over 60 years.  I love how vintage and cool it is.  Get a good look at this.
Of course we also had to have a little fun
And mom made cinnamon rolls that we all thought were to die for with maple frosting which reminds us all of grandma's.  My mouth is watering just typing this.  My mom makes the best cinnamon rolls ever; just saying.
3.  Mom picked me up from the grandparents and took me with her to a reunion with her hip Dr.  It was actually a nice luncheon with some entertainment.  That afternoon we attended the event we all came home for, Gavins baptism.  He was so cute and so were the children as they watched him be baptized.  Funny that Karston thought he was going to baptized twice, because Kadyn didn't go all the way under so he had to be dunked twice.
4. After the baptism everyone came to mom and dads where we had a delicious, very simple dinner of salads, fruit and bbq pork.  The kids swam in the cold pool for hours, while the rest of us chatted.  Becky has a friend Karra whose husband is in PA school.  They also came over and we talked PA stuff.  He also gave me his sign in so that I can practice my tests.  It has been very helpful this week in letting me know how much I really don't know, which is giving me even more anxiety about taking my test in a month.
5.  Sunday we went to church, cooked breakfast for lunch and then everyone left including mom, who went back with Tristen to Spokane.  Doesn't my sister Tenielle look amazing?  She has lost 22 pounds.  I wish I could lose 22 pounds.
I visited my childhood friends Kimmie and Carrie who were at their parents.  Kimmie is moving from Phoenix to Portland.  Funny that I've only seen her once since I've lived in Phoenix.  Dad and I then went to Troy and Becky's to see their new home which they will be moving into in the next few weeks.  I love their huge island in the kitchen.  I told Troy to smile, he doesn't smile, but tries to look cool.  Look what I captured out the window; only in Idaho will you take a Sunday drive in a tractor.
 I then flew back to the heat of Phoenix.  So sad to leave my peeps.
6.  Monday, Thursday, and Today I worked.  It has been rather slow this week, which I'm not complaining about in the least bit.
7.  Tuesday I had a dentist appointment and then went to do a public service announcement for Colleens Dream about ovarian cancer. I can't wait to see the finished product.  I'm sure it will be so awesome. I visited Laura and then Deborah and then went to the hospital with Laura and Aunt Leslie to see the new twins.  They are so tiny and adorable.  I stayed up way to late studying for boards, which is never good because you totally don't take it all in like you should.
 The nurse wrapped Kate up, I don't think she wanted to be bundled so tightly:
And Luke, well he was just happy to sleep.  I love the names that Laura chose.  If I was to name a boy and a girl these would have been the names I would have chosen for my own children.  I'm so very grateful that Heavenly Father has placed so many children in my life for me to love and adore, especially my nieces and nephews and my cousins children. 
8.  Wednesday I cleaned my house, got a massage, helped Laura organize her nursery, cooked dinner of Quinoa Bowls which is my new favorite dinner and what I will be eating 4 days in a row, unpacked from last weekends getaway and repacked for Martha's Vineyard, bought raspberries which were on sale for 87 cents, studied and went to bed earlier than I have in a long time.  I've been so tired lately, not sure why.
9.  My A/C was not working last night.  It was 82, which is too hot for me and for my chocolate chips.  Glad I had an icepack to keep my feet cool.  Thankfully the repair guys came in just as I was leaving for work this morning to fix the problem.  It looks like they also fixed my ant problem.
10.  I went to TJ Maxx this week to return a skirt that I decided I didn't like.  I always browse the shoe isle because having 5 1/2 size feet means it's hard to find shoes.  I totally lucked out and found a pair of flip flops that have an arch and are better on my feet than J Crew's, which are my favorite flip flops.  These new ones were regularly 110 dollars, but I got them at TJ's for 34.  I also found another pair of sandals that I love and have some height to them.  I'm now good for the Summer and rest of the year on footwear, although I'm almost in need of another pair of running shoes.
11.  I finished the book The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter And Sweet today.  It was pretty good.  I also finished another chick beachy book which wasn't worth reading, so I won't recommend it.
12. This time next week, it will be Fabulous Friday from you guessed it, Martha's Vineyard! Can't wait to leave Sunday night.


  1. Dang it Terah you can't leave it's going to be 110 this weekend I really wanted you to experience it!! You miss all the fun!! Those pictures of my sisters were so funny!!! How I miss that house already!! Cinnamon rolls oh I have to make some they sound like heaven!! I know your mom makes great cinnamon rolls BUT my mom made the best ever!! Shall we fight it out??? Those pictures of Kate and Luke are soooooo cute!!! Have a wonderful time in MV and think of us frying in good ol Phoenix!!! Lov ya lov ya

  2. I love that pic of us even though my arm looks weird!

  3. Thanks for posting pictures of my niece and nephew! Can't wait to hold them myself! Love your Blog Terah!