Friday, June 26, 2015

A Beachy FF

1.  I had a lot of beachy accidents this week in the ER including fish hooks in legs, mopeds crushing ankles, stitching up wounds from bike injuries and of course multiple tick bits.  I only worked 3 days this week which was awesome as it gave me plenty of time to enjoy the beach myself.  One of my favorite things from this week was the fabulous rainstorm that we had on Sunday.  This was what the road looked like on my way to church
2.  On Sunday I met a lady who had a really awesome throw with her.  I mentioned to her how beautiful it was and it was so soft.  Somehow in our conversation I told her that I had ovarian cancer and going through treatment I always had a blanket on me.  She told me about her friend Jeanette Farrier and the story behind these throws.  Here is the story from her website:

Travelling in India at the end of the 1990s, costume designer Jeanette Farrier discovered the magical textiles that the women of West Bengal create from recycled cotton saris. Exponents of the traditional art known as ‘Kantha’, these expert seamstresses fold and stitch the soft cloth into an ultra-fine quilted fabric which is warm, durable and, with its myriad patterns and colours, of great beauty.
The ethos behind Jeanette’s work is that just as these wonderful textiles are valued and precious, so are the women: they are paid well and are able to work in their own homes. Today there are two villages outside Kolkata whose livelihood has been transformed through sewing Jeanette Farrier’s Kantha cloth. 
  • Each throw is 5 layers of recycled cotton sari fabric hand stitched in 3 contrasting coloured threads.
  • Some throws have small patches enhancing their vintage quality and charm.

This sweet lady invited me to her beautiful home to pick out my very own throw from India.  There were so many to choose from, because they are going to be having a Trunk Show in August and these will be for sale.  She told to pick one out that spoke to me.  As soon as I saw the one I picked I knew it spoke to me.  I wonder about the women who wore pieces of this blanket and their stories and am grateful for the talents of these women in a far off country.  I will treasure this beautiful throw for years to come and especially as I go through this cancer recurrence.
 3.  I did get some beach time in on Monday which was so relaxing.  There is just something about the wind and sun on your skin, the sound of the waves and good book in your hands.  This weeks book is Princess of the Midnight Ball.  I'm totally loving this one.  It's been so fun to get lost in this fantasy.
I thought this was a funny sight at a beach that doesn't have clear water.
 4.  I visited the light house in Aquinnah on Monday after receiving my throw since I was already out that way.  And because I have to pass the Chilmark General Store I had to stop in for a slice of tomato and bacon pizza.  It's so yummy!
5.  My medical assistant from last summer, Judy came to visit this week.  She isn't working here this year because she graduated from nursing school and got a job in the ER where she lives in NH.  This sweet girl is fun and has so much spunk.  She came to visit me in the ER on Wednesday.  We have kept in touch throughout the year and I was delighted to see her.  Her twin sister is on the Island working.  On Thursday we took her sisters jeep, deflated the tires (because that is what you have to do so you don't get stuck in the sand) and then drove up to Nortons Point straight onto the beach.  It was so awesome.  Thursday was the most beautiful beach day since I've been here.
6.  I have so much enjoyed my morning jogs and nightly walks this week.  The sunset even with the cloud coverage is so amazing.
7.  This week I had a telephone conversation with The Italian Stallion AKA Kirt who I dated when I was in Grad School.  For those who don't know him he is Italian and from New Orleans.  He has the most gorgeous southern accent.  This guy has a very special place in my heart.  I'm excited to see him in October when he will visit Phoenix.
8.  Of course I visited Boston today.  I'll blog all about my visit with the surgeon tomorrow.  Tony's friend's Chris and Rachel who we visited in Hawaii nearly 4 years ago were visiting Boston this week.  Chris' brother lives near Boston and Christ grew up in Boston.  We met up for lunch today and I got to meet their adorable 8 month old twins.  We had lunch at a little pub by Mass General.  It was so fun to visit with them and have someone from home in my presence.  I had a delicious Cubano sandwich which had BBQ pork instead of the normal grilled pork.  I'd go back again, it was that delicious.
9.  After my visit with the surgeon I spent at least an hour in Talbots doing some retail therapy.  I bought 5 pieces for only $105; 2 skirts and 3 shirts.  I've been watching one of the skirts to come down in price and I know it will become one of my favorites.  I don't know about you, but it seems like every Summer I have to buy a bunch of new shirts as the ones from the previous year just seem to wear out, especially living in Phoenix where we wear short sleeves almost all year.
10.  I've continued to feel so much love and support from all of you over the past week.  Thank You doesn't even do it justice.  I'm still sad and mad and downright frustrated that I have to go through a recurrence of cancer.  I had so hoped to be the one who it didn't come back in.
Aunt Leslie I saw these today and thought of you.


  1. Thank you for thinking of me I do love sunflowers!!! What beautiful pictures of MV, I'm falling in love with that place!! I love that lady that gave you the blanket, she is so kind!! Everything's going to work out Terah just keep being your courageous upbeat self!! Most important I'm so happy you stay so close to Heavenly Father we both know he is in charge and thank heavens!!

  2. I'm so glad you are documenting your life! You are amazing!