Sunday, June 21, 2015

Daddy-O Happy Fathers Day

My dad is quite the man!  Here are just a few reason why my dad is so amazing:
*When we were little he would pile us into his pickup truck on Saturday mornings and take us to the hardware store and the livestock sale.
*One time before I could drive,  I started his stick shift truck running the truck into the house; I don't even remember him raising his voice, he was just grateful no one was hurt.
*When I was in the second grade my dad coached my first soccer team.  He taught me to be a good sport even if I didn't always win.
*It doesn't have to be the holiday season for my dad to serve those who are less fortunate.  However, I remember every holiday season dad would make sure we were Secret Santa's to many.
*My dad makes the best breakfast, namely french toast, waffles and pancakes.  His homemade syrup is by far the best:
1 Cup Water
1 Cup Brown Sugar
1 Cup White Sugar
Bring to boil and then add 1 cap of vanilla and 1 cap of maple flavoring
 *My dad seriously can build anything.  Our home is so beautiful because of his talents.
*When I was diagnosed with cancer he prayed that if I wasn't going to make it to take me before I had to go through chemo.  He felt peace knowing I would be fine, so every time I cried he would remind me that I was going to be fine.
*Dad can grow the biggest, most delicious tomato's ever.  His secret?  A scoop of cow poop.
*My Dad is so tender and isn't afraid of losing his man card by shedding a few tears.
*Dad has a testimony of the gospel.  He studies his scriptures EVERY morning, even on vacation.
*My dad loves my mom and has the highest respect for her.
*Dad can fix anything, except cars.
*My dad is the best horsey, he was when we were kids and continues to be for the grandkids.
*He gives his 100% from sun up to sun down, but typically falls asleep before the weather even though that is why he turns the news on.
*When I was in grad school dad secretly left on my piano 10, 100 dollar bills.  Because dad taught me how to manage my money, that 1000 dollars lasted me over 2 years.  That kind gesture will never be forgotten.  With some of the money I bought my first stethoscope.
*My dad survived Melanoma.
*Dad has given me so much support in all that I have ever done and always tells me, "Don't worry, you can do it," whether it was getting through grad school or cancer he has always been by my side.
*Dad has rescued me more times than I can remember, even driving many miles, packing me up and unpacking me again.
*He is the most patient person I know (especially when he travels with his girls).
*I've never known a person who uses his time more wisely than my dad.
I love you so much dad.