Saturday, June 20, 2015

Super Saturday MVY

Because I had to inform you of the big C word yesterday I didn't get my Fabulous Friday post in so you get a Super Saturday post.  Just because I had some disappointment this week, doesn't mean I didn't find at least 10 fabulous things about my week; so here goes.
1.  Sunday I surprised Aunt Leslie by arriving at her ward just before she gave her lesson in Relief Society.  I wish I would have had a camera.  Her surprised face was classic.  I also loved being able to see and hug my dear friend Ofa.  I had dinner with Leslie and Gordon, picked my last grapefruit of the season and then returned home in time to squeeze the juice from those grapefruit before my VT picked me up and took me to the airport for my Red Eye to Boston.
2.  It literally rained from the time I touched down in Boston until I went to bed that night, but it was so welcoming since we don't have rainstorms too often in Phoenix.  On my way to the Cape I kept hearing my Grandpa Swensens voice telling me not to speed.  When Tenielle and I met up with him just after I graduated from college he gave us that warning because police often catch vacationers speeding.  I found myself thinking of how much fun we had that 4th of July and the 1 horse parade, on my entire drive to the Cape.
 3.  First things first:  A stop for lobster rolls at the Seafood Shanty, supposedly one of the best places to get a lobster roll on the Cape.  It was pretty delicious.
4.  As soon as I got off the ferry I stopped by the ER to get my key.  It was so fun to see so many of the great people that I worked with last Summer.  That night I had dinner with friends from work.  It was so fun to catch up.
5.  From my bedroom window I have a gorgeous view of the ocean and the sunrise.  Friday morning I woke at 445 and decided since I was awake I might as well watch the sunrise, unfortunately it was cloudy but for a few minutes the clouds broke through and I saw the beautiful ray of sunshine.  It was almost like Heavenly Father was showing me a little light and letting me know that there will be light at the end of the tunnel and that I will make it through this bump in the road.
6.  I went on a wonderful run down by the beach and the golf course Friday morning.  I'm so grateful that I can run without pain.  I feel like I need to do everything I can to become as healthy as I can in the next few weeks before surgery.  The one thing I hate about surgery is that it messes with my working out schedule.  I am determined to walk every day by the beach, fast or not I'm going to do it.
7.  Remember how much I love my Oak Bluffs Library?  I renewed my library card and checked out some books and DVDs on Friday.
8.  Of course I had to get my First Friday's Grace Church Lobster roll.  Yummy.
 9.  I love the simple things about this island and how much I feel like home here.
 10.  I loved my visit to Boston, even under the circumstances.  Thursday afternoon I enjoyed some time at the Medical Museum, including time on their rooftop garden.  I then walked down Charles Street.  I loved having some me time as I browsed the quaint shops on this beautiful street.  I bought the cutest and most comfortable dress that I know I'll be putting to good use once I have surgery.  I went into a cute chocolate shop where this cute older lady asked me how I was doing.  I told her of my cancer diagnosis.  She was so sweet and kept hugging me.  She gave me a bag of the most delicious salted carmels.  I will definitely be visiting her each time I have to go to MGH.  I walked down to Boston Commons and enjoyed the beautiful park that it is, while I gave updates to friends over the phone.
I love the story about these ducks in Boston Commons.
I love how peaceful the street looks here.
I'm not a dog person, but this picture turned out so cute.
11.  I had to capture how funny this was when I saw a lady in the waiting room open her suitcase of medications.
12.  I had such an enjoyable walk last night as the sun was going down.  This was one of my views.
13.  I'm in awe again at the outpouring of love that I am receiving from my friends and family.  I feel so at peace because of your prayers.  I was talking to my friend Melanie today, updating her about the events of this week.  She made the comment that she couldn't believe I could talk about it without shedding a tear.  It's because of your prayers and my faith that I know things are going to be okay. 


  1. Someday I'm going to go to MV it's sooo beautiful!! BUT only when your there so you can show me around!! Thank you for surprising me for my first relief society lesson it meant so much to me!! Looking at your beautiful face settled my nerves!! You know I have never had a lobster roll but it sounds so good!! no onions right??? I love that lady in the chocolate shop for being so sweet to you!! It is a cute shop!! I love your positive attitude, but that's what you do!!!

    1. Is that a promise? I love it here! No onions in Lobster rolls either. Chocolate shop lady was awesome. I'll definitely be visiting her again!

  2. That town looks so cute! Oh boy, those lobster rolls! Looks like a great place to spend your summer. I'm glad you are in good hands in every way! Hugs!

    1. I love Boston and am actually excited to be able to spend some time there this summer, even under the circumstances.