Friday, October 16, 2015

Summer In Fall FF

1.  It's really hard to believe it is October when we are having record temps of 100 which we had earlier this week.  Thankfully I believe this is the last week of those for the year.  I'm so looking forward to going home next week to see FALL!  I have been listening to Christmas Music and lighting my pumpkin candle so a little Fall is in my home.  We did however have a fantastic rain storm just after the crazy dust storm that I drove through today dropping our temperatures and letting us smell the amazing aroma of rain.
2.  Since I've felt great this week because of no chemo, had no interruptions and had a lot of time, I've studied nearly all day, every day for my upcoming boards.  I originally planned on taking them in July and then September.  I have 6 months to take them from when I registered which was the end of May and before my cancer diagnosis.  I've toyed with the idea of postponing them using my cancer card, but I just want to get them over with.  I mean if I do flunk I can always take them twice next year.  I better not flunk.  I've passed them twice before, I better pass them again.  So I scheduled them for the week of Thanksgiving, a week I'll be off of chemo and the last day I could take them.  37 days of studying and then hopefully I will be test free for 10 years.
3.  Saturday I spent some of my day watching Deb's son Dallin play volleyball.  I don't know how they played back to back games without dying, I was dying sitting there with a fan on me and still hot.  But it was fun to watch his talent.  These 15 year old boys can play volleyball so well and are undefeated.
4.  The only reason I know it is fall is because of the college football that I get to listen to all day on Saturdays and sometimes on Friday nights.  I mainly keep track of BSU, Utah and BYU however I really don't care who is playing, I just love to watch and listen to it.  Unfortunately BSU got killed by Utah State tonight and I think they maybe out of the opportunity for a bowl game, however Utah is killing it and the only undefeated team in the country.  At least one of my alma matters is doing something well this year.
5.  This week I've found that palate's, yoga and water aerobics don't increase my heart rate to where I feel like my heart might jump out of my chest.  They are also relaxing and keep me moving since I've sat more than I'd like studying this week.  I really want to do my cycle class and lift weights, but I already know lifting makes my heart rate go up and if that happens, cycle might just kill me.
6.  My friend Janelle came to visit me on Wednesday.  She is such a great friend and we have so much fun chatting.  We visited a new tropical snow/snow cone place that opened just next to the gym.  You know my love for snow cones!  As much as I wanted a sugary cone, I went for the sugar free, because I'm trying so hard to not eat sugar.  It wasn't half bad.
7.  Wednesday I helped my friends with the 8-12 year old girls activity days.  They are so cute and enjoyed their spa day.
8.  Thursday I went to the mid singles religion class.  Such a great class and so many people.  She talked about how in 1 Nephi he had to soften his heart when his dad said they needed to leave Jerusalem.  I thought through the entire class how I have had to soften my heart as I've had to endure yet another cancer diagnosis.  It has taken some time, but I finally feel that my heart has softened and that my will has become Heavenly Fathers.  (I hope His will is mine.)
9.  Today we had practice for our primary program which is on Sunday.  I play the piano and I love it.  The kids are so darling.
10.  I got my ipsy bag in the mail this week.  I love that each moth for less than $10 I get several new beauty products.  This month didn't disappoint.  I love the liquid lipstick that stays on forever, fall colored eye shadow and delicious smelling coconut lotion!


  1. I should look into the ipsy bag. Sounds fun! Wish I could have seen Dallin play. Glad you get to go home and feel like fall for real. Good luck on your boards, you'll do great!

  2. Yeah that ipsy bag sounds fun, sign me up!! Yes Terah you enjoy fall for me will you PLEASE??? Your sweet to go to Dallins games, they are sooo fun to watch and he is the BEST of them all!!!!!!