Tuesday, December 8, 2015

An Overdue Update

Sunday night as I was getting ready for bed I got a phone call from Aunt Leslie that went like this:
AL (in a very serious tone): Terah
Me: yes
AL: are you ok?
Me: yes, why?
AL: you haven't been blogging.
Me: I know, I've been busy.

Funny that at church that day my friend who, I didn't even know followed my blog let me also know that I haven't updated recently.

So this is just a friendly hello to let you know I didn't die during my gallbladder surgery.  I had chemo last week and this week I'm in Charlotte getting on some serious healing with my amazing friends here who are giving me the endurance to finish out chemo.

I'd like to say I'll up date you next week on all of the happenings in the last 3 weeks, but the reality is I am going to be doing some serious reviewing on Monday (even though the study books all say to not study the day, before but really who doesn't study before a big test) because I'm taking my boards on Tuesday which I really hope I pass.  I've passed twice in the past so I better this time, but if I don't I can blame it on chemo brain. And Wednesday I'm having chemo again (which out of all honesty I'm really getting tired of this) so I'll be down for another week, but at least it will be a weekend full of bowl games (which my mother I'm sure is excited about this since she hates listening to football all day, but I have the chemo/cancer card).

I'm totally in the holiday sprit! Sure hope you are too. I love this month and all that goes with it from the lights, to the food!  But most of all I love the music, which I've been listening to since at least September.

Here is a little sneak peak of the fabulous things from the last 3 weeks:
*I'm now 39, that sounds so old.
*My sister Tristen and her darling family surprised us by walking through the door Thanksgiving morning.
*I have the most darling new nephew born on 11/30. His name is Graham, but his siblings call him Teddy Graham because he seriously looks like a little teddy bear with tons of black hair and he came out looking like a toddler weighing 10.6.
*My CA-125 came down 5 points to 32, which is in normal range, but still not good enough to stop chemo.
*I had a quick, lovely packed 2 days in Salt Lake City last week.
*I'm in The Queen City for the week receiving more love than ever from this Southern family that I love.
And now that I've blogged what was going through my mind when I woke up from a dead sleep and couldn't go back to sleep, I hope now that I can get a few more hours of shut eye before another day full of hugs and love from these lovely southern people.

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  1. Happy 39!! Oh to be 39m again!! Sorry I didn't acknowledge your birthday!! But your present is coming in a few days with your Christmas!! Thank you for the update!! Your marker sounds really good to me, now we need to pray for the teens!!! As always you take all the good and wonderful things out of life and run with them!