Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December Update

I love December.  I don't love the cold, but I love an occasional snow storm, fires, hoodies, herbal tea and blankets.  But most of all my favorite thing about Christmas and December is the music.  I don't think there is anything that invites the Christmas spirit than music.  I've been listening to Christmas music for months and I'm not one bit ashamed of it. 

After having chemo on 11/30 I spent a few days on the couch enjoying all of the above mentioned.  And then mom, dad and I got in the car and headed to Salt Lake City.  SLC has to have the most beautiful lights of any city.  That evening, even though I wasn't feeling 100%, we met the kids at the Cheesecake Factory.  While waiting for our table in walked a guy I was friends with on FB but hadn't met in person.  This guy was the one who made the incredible piano cd for me that I listened to nearly every night when I was diagnosed with OVC 2 years ago.  What I didn't know was that my sister had invited him to have dinner with us.  What he didn't know is that he was going with us to the Jim Brickman concert.  These were great surprises for both of us.  I was even more surprised when he handed me a cd that he had made for me with some of my favorite songs which my sisters had informed him of.  I love this cd just as must as I love the other one.  What an amazing pianist he is.  I'd even say he is just as good as Jim or better.  The concert was an early Christmas present from mom and dad.  We all enjoyed it so much.
The next day I spent a few hours chatting with my friend Shelley M and later that evening with my friend Jenny.  I know I've said it before, but I've been blessed with so many incredible friends whom I just love. 

Saturday morning I flew to Charlotte for a week.  I love my friends there and tried to see as many of them as I could.  Nick picked me up from the airport and we headed downtown where we met Rachel and her aunt for dinner at LaPiano's.  We later attended the Charlotte Symphony's Christmas Concert, which is a tradition that Nick and I have.  It didn't disappoint as usual. 
Nick dropped me off at Laurens where I stayed for a few days.  Sunday we attended church where I got to see Mama Middlebrook and other friends!  We had dinner with Laurens in-laws and watched the Panthers win yet another football game (they are now 14-0).  We are all hoping they go to the Superbowl. 

Monday my friend Michael stopped by for a time and then we met another of my friends from work at Amelies. Later that night I had dinner with other's that I use to work with.  I love these friends of mine.  We have spent many days, nights, weekends and holidays together.
The sweetest nurse ever did mention that I was a bad _ss when I worked in the ER.  I assured her that my time as a cancer patient has softened me and given me compassion.  However, I will admit that ER did harden me a bit.

Tuesday Lauren and went to see Emma's new house.  I love it!  She has totally remodeled her new (older) home.  It is so cute and she is so talented.  We also did a little Costco shopping. 
That afternoon I went to Nicks and we had dinner at his grandmothers who made us a lovely southern meal.  So yummy.
Wednesday Lauren and I hit the mall.  I bought a darling, fancy red dress for an upcoming event at Tj Maxx for 20 bucks.  Talk about a steal.  We then hit Vera Bradley where I hit the jackpot of course.  For lunch we had to visit my favorite Sushi place of all time.  I was in Heaven.  Lauren has introduced me to sugar free lemonade from Chik-Fil-A.  I can't get enough of it and lucky me there is one down the street from my house in Phoenix.  Is sugar free lemonade better for you than Coke Zero? 
Wednesday night we had our cooking class.  Oh, it was such fun and we made some delicious food.  I'm even going to try my hand at the pork roast for Christmas dinner.  We did have a flop with our cream puffs, kind of disappointing, but the recipe was all in weight not cups. 
Thursday we had lunch with more of our girlfriends.  Yes, all I do with my friends is eat and chat.  What else would we do?  That evening I stopped of for a chat with my friend Angela and then went to a RS activity and visited with more friends before Nick came and picked me up from Laurens.
Friday I studied most of the day and then Nick and I had dinner with Steve and his wife.  We had such a lovely time catching up.  We also went to the church where they had several nativities set up and live music. 
Saturday I went to the Ovarian Cancer Survivors Luncheon.  It is always fun to meet up with other survivors.
Sunday Nick and I visited grandma, went to church and then it was time for me to head back west. The weather was so nice the entire time I was in Charlotte, like 70 degrees.  I think the tree's were a bit confused at what month it was because I saw a tree in full spring bloom.
Last Monday I had an appointment with my surgeon.  He informed me that my gallbladder was chronically inflammed; really?  He did let me know there was no sign of cancer from what he could see with his scope; Hooray. 

Tuesday I took my recertification boards and was for sure that I bombed them, but yesterday I got my results that I passed.  Thank you to prayer and define intervention.  I actually did the best I ever have on them.  I don't have to take them now for 10 years. 

Tuesday I also spent time with Alisha and had my hair cut.  It is really cute and finally feels like a real style after 2 years.  I was getting tired of the mullet so I cut it off. 

Wednesday I had chemo.  My CA-125 was down from 37 to 32.  Only 5 points and kind of disappointing, but I'm hoping that next week when I have it again that it will be in the teens so that I will only have 4 more treatments left.  I'm not sure why but the last few treatments I haven't had any energy and have been so crazy tired.  I'm tired of all this chemo and cancer.

I did ask Dr. Dan if I could go back to work in January.  He told me no and that he didn't want me going back until the second week in March because of flu season.  I'm going to try to convince him otherwise.  I'm hoping he will let me work a few hours a week and only see trauma patients.  I have an email into him, we will see.  For my mental sanity I need to go back to work.  I miss it and the incredible people I work with. 

And this week, well It's going to be a great week when everyone finally gets here.

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  1. I love the story at the beginning, what a fun surprise for you both!! You are looking beautiful and living the good life!!!