Saturday, December 19, 2015

Thanksgiving Recap

I flew home to Idaho November 19 and haven't been back to Phoenix since.  I'm missing the warm temperatures there, but I'm enjoying being home.  In celebration for my birthday I had breakfast with friends that I grew up with.  It was fun to catch up.
 Tenielle's friends Chad and Bonnie sent me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers.  I have never met these friends of Tenielles, but it was so sweet of them.
 Troy's kids had their Primary Program on my birthday.  It was fun to watch them sing their little hearts out when they knew the words at least.  If Becket didn't know the words he would sit down.  It was kind of funny.
 My gallbladder surgery went wonderfully well and there was no sign of cancer in or around the upper sections of the abdomen from where the surgeon could see.  I felt better the next day without that chronically inflammed gallbladder in me.  I've pretty much healed from surgery, a little sore here and there but nothing that is too bothersome.

Tristen and her family surprised us Thanksgiving morning.  It was such a fun surprise.  We had a very relaxing Thanksgiving holiday. 
 The kids are getting old enough to play games.  They really enjoy playing Sorry and Uno.
 Bridget always gets spoiled with chocolate for breakfast when she comes to grandmas house.
 Tristen the dental hygienist is always bound and determined to get her children's teeth brushed, even if it is in the front yard.  I thought this was pretty funny.
It was extremely cold and because of the cold we only stayed out looking at the traditional Caldwell lights half way.  The kids were crying and everyone was freezing.
The day before Tristen headed back to Spokane we got into the holiday spirit by making gingerbread cookies.  Yummy.

We had a little baby sprinkle for Becky and their new baby. 
Graham Lee was born on 11/30 weighing in at a whopping 10 pounds 6 ounces.  Such a cutie.  The funniest was that Troy fainted as he was being delivered. 

And here he is at 1 week old.

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  1. The lights were beautiful!! So fun to have Tristen surprise you!! I've never made gingerbread I need to put that on my bucket list and get your recipe!!That is one huge baby but so cute!!