Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve Poem

For the past few weeks I've thought about writing a poem about my memories of Christmas Eve, but I've been a little (or a lot) occupied with studying for my boards.  Christmas Eve is the one day that our entire family.  I have many fond memories of Christmas Eve's at my grandparents home. Our family out-grew grandma and grandpas home several years ago and we have since been having Christmas Eve at a church to accomedate the 100 or so family members who attend each year. Yesterday at 5am I woke with the first few lines of a poem in my mind.  I got up wrote them down and then layed back down.  A few more lines came to me and I repeated what I had just done.  Finally I got up and started writing.  This is really what Christmas Eve means to me.
-->Christmas Eve
I know it's Christmas time,
Just as the bells begin to chime.
When from Garrity BLVD I spy
House Number 913’s lights aglow against the winter sky

The fire is crackling and the tree lights are glowing.
As we arrive it starts snowing.
Grandma and Grandpa in the kitchen are rushing,
I see them sneak a kiss and now I’m blushing.

Grandmas outdone herself again
As Santa and his reindeer are hanging in the den.
Christmas decorations all surround me,
Above the wood box hangs the candy cane tree.

The smell of Grandpa’s turkey roasting
Means Grandma and Grandpa are again hosting
Christmas Eve dinner
Which is always a winner.
Cousins, aunts, uncles and friends gather.
There are few places to sit, but being together is what really matters!

Near time for Grandpa’s welcome and a blessing on the meal,
The Christmas Spirit is definitely real.
We won’t forget the Christmas punch
Because we all love it a bunch.
Plates piled high with turkey, salads and stuffing,
After eating so much I’m going to need to go running.

Our annual Christmas program begins
With Joy To The World played on the violins.
The Christmas story is read and preformed by our children dear
Allowing us to feel that our Savior is surely near.
First Mary, Joseph and the sweet baby Jesus,
Then Angels, Shepherds and Wise Men greet us.

We sing a Santa song or two.
Hearing his bells jingle and on cue,
With a ho, ho, ho he appears in hand, his bag filled with candies
And our traditional Christmas Eve jammies!
Sitting on his lap I whisper to him bring me ski passes.
Behind his white beard and glasses,
Santa looks like someone I know,
I think it’s Mr. Tomlinson from just down the road.
The grandchidren are now dressed in their footy PJ's
When Grandma appears with our Christmas Eve plate of her homemade goodies.
Snow is now fiercely falling to the ground
It’s time to go home, the car horn sounds. 
We hear love ya love ya and hurry back now!
We’ll see you tomorrow after the roads are plowed,
When we make our Christmas Day rounds,
Of course after we’ve rested, but not sound.

This year however, it’s different,
As Grandma and Grandpa’s life on earth is finished.
The house is dark
And we miss their spark.
But if they were here they’d surely stand up to say
With a tear in their eye, we have the best family and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Hand in hand, memories clear and bodies mended,
Just beyond the moon they’ve descended!
Looking down and joining us in spirit today
Our angles with us each and every day;
Grandpa Read and Grandma Kaye!


  1. You are a Poet. Those are wonderful poems!!

  2. You've read that poem to me, so why am I sobbing??? It's beautiful memories but also so sad. A wonderful poem though!!