Friday, March 11, 2016

A Simple FF

I've really blogged about the fabulous things from my week, but here are a few simple things that were fabulous:
1.  I've hiked three times this week.  I love hiking.  It's a great workout and lets me appreciate some of the beauty of Phoenix.
2.  Sugar-Free snow cones at Bahama Bucks makes me happy.
3.  Even more happiness comes from hearing last night, "I had a fun time with you this week!"  I need to see him again soon.  I told him I'd have his guest room and honey do list ready soon.  My mom reminded me last night, when we were in grad school Kirt and my dad went to a football game one Saturday afternoon as I sat home studying (this was before I had any interest in him.)  Monday morning he went on and on about bonding with my dad and how family reunions would be so wonderful.
4.  My full-time work status kicks in today.  Bring on 12 hour shifts the next 2 days.  I love my job, 2 days this week, 2 days next week, 3 days the next week and 2 the next week.  9 shifts a month is perfect for me.
5.  Yesterday I had a bid for new cabinets in my kitchen.  It was so much less than the other bids.  I'm excited to see how this kitchen turns out. Trying to decide if I like these...
I really don't like the tile, but I'm not pulling it up. So I have to match everything to it.
I kind of want to go darker.  I'd love to go gray, but it's not likely going to happen.
6.  I got a conditional approval on my loan yesterday, pending a pay stub which I'll get next week.  This means closing is just around the corner.
7.  Speaking of closing, Cathy and I packed pretty much the entire living room and some of the kitchen on Saturday.  I'm so not a fan of moving, but it will be worth it in the end.  And Cathy is a pro packer.
8.  Tanner sent me an awesome cell phone holder in the mail this week.  I love when I get a surprise in the mail.
9.  Tenielle settled on the new job, even though she went back and forth.  I'm happy for her decision and even more happy that she is getting a major raise.  Her hard work has paid off.
10.  I saw tulips in full bloom in New Orleans.  I love tulips and am so sad they don't grow here.

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