Friday, March 4, 2016

March's First Fabulous Friday

1.  It's Spring here in Phoenix which means the smell of citrus blossoms are in the air.  I love this smell which only occurs for about 3 weeks each Spring.  It always seems to be closer to the end of March for citrus blossoms, but since we've had record temps in the 90's, it's not surprising.  I actually went out to the pool for a few hours this week.  The water was freezing, but the sun was warm.
2.  Sunday I taught Young Womens for the first time.  The lesson was on why the choices we make matter.  I think it went pretty good, except that I only had 25 minutes for 40 minutes worth of material.  I went to choir practice and dinner at my Bishops; which was delicious.  Then onto New Beginnings.  It's been over 20 years since I was in YW.  I must admit it's going to be quite an adjustment from Primary.
3.  I've spent most days this week doing house stuff.  I'm so excited for my new home.  I've decided instead of getting all new cabinets that I'm going to just change out the doors and drawers.  It's way cheaper and is going to look just like new.  I'm still trying to decide on which granite.  I had to send documents to the mortgage company and it all will go to underwriting on Monday.  It could be possible that I may close next week.  That would be perfect, since I have a major leak from my garbage disposal in my apartment and I can't wait to get into my house.  First things first though; packing=gag.
Looking for granite.
4.  I cycled twice this week.  First time since I was diagnosed in June.  It felt so good.  I also went hiking with my friends.  At one point I didn't think I'd make it to the top.  I told them to go ahead of me.  They got to the top and then turned around and went back up with me.  What a sweet gesture.  It was quite the hike, but felt so good.
5.  Alisha talked Tenielle and I into joining a health challenge.  Basically only sugar once a week, exercise 5 times a week, 5 fruits and vegetables daily, keep a food journal and drink at least 60 ounces of water a day.  I do all of those anyway, except the sugar.  Well, in 1 week from not eating sugar I've lost 2.5 pounds.  This challenge is for 8 weeks.  I'd love to lose 2.5 pounds each week which would be 20 pounds in 8 weeks and would mean I'd be back to my normal wardrobe that hasn't been used since I've been going through this dang cancer.  I've totally been into cabbage lately, especially Thai Salads.
6.  I worked this past Monday.  It felt so good to be back to work, even though when I got there, a big bowl of candy sat on my desk.  I immediately put it elsewhere, so it didn't tempt me for my 7 hour shift.  I also got my first paycheck from last week's shift.
7.  Last night for RS we put together kits for the homeless.  There are so many people on the streets here.  It will be nice to have something that I can give them, where they are staring at me while I sit at a light.  I took them with me today, but didn't see a single person on the street corners; so unusual.
8.  I hit a shoe jackpot today!  My feet have been super sore because of the chemo.  I ordered a pair of shoes that I got this week in the mail, which have a nice arch and help, but I wanted more and some that were more than just flip flops.  On my way back from the IRS (because I had to get documents for my house) I stopped at what I thought was a regular Dillards.  To my surprise, it was a Dillards Clearance center.  I have the hardest time finding 5 1/2 shoes.  Well, not today.  I got 4 pair of shoes.  2 pair of Vionic Orthoheals, a pair of Dansko's and another cute pair of shoes.  Oh, and 4 dresses all for $150.  I didn't even make it through half of the store.  I'm definitely excited about my Summer dresses and Summer shoes, since it is always Summer-like here.
9.  This week was Dr. Seus week.  My cute niece dressed up for Cat In The Hat Day.  Isn't she a doll?  I sure think so.   I love her facial expressions.
 10.  Baby Graham is getting so big.  I think he is so darling.  Sure wish we didn't live so far from each other.  It is fun to get Monday photo's from his mom though.
11.  Tenielle got offered a director position this week (still working for the state, but a different department and not at the capital).  Currently she is the Financial Manager for the Governors office.  But she loves what she is doing now.  We've talked a lot about it this week.  It sounds like she is going to take the position.  She is good at whatever position she holds.
12.  My favorite quote of the week, actually it's a scriptures, "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."  Definitely my theme these days.
12.  Sunday-Tuesday I'll be visiting Kirt in New Orleans!  We dated in grad school and have awesome chemistry be continued!  I want to re-create this photo from 2003 when I visited him last.  He took me to this great seafood mom and pop place where I had the best shrimp and my first oyster.  We looked so young, but I guess it was 12 1/2 years ago.


  1. Excited for you on your new home. It will so much fun making it yours! Congratulations!

  2. So much in this blog!! I'm also excited for your house I can't wait to see it!! Okay shoe girl, I did that also a few weeks ago but we won't talk about how much I spent!! Hey I want to join the health kick and I am!!