Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Too Short, But So Worth It

Sunday morning I boarded a plane to New Orleans to see Kirt.  It is always so good to see this handsome man.  Even though I haven't seen him since October, it's as if it was last week.  Ok, maybe a little longer, but time doesn't seem to do anything to our relationship but make it stronger.

He took me to this cute restaurant on the water, where we had delicious crab cakes and I had an out of this world amazingly delicious shrimp salad.  We then headed to his 6 acre's of pure beauty.  I fell in love with his home and the land.  It was so quiet and relaxing there; just what I needed knowing I was headed to the oncologist this week. Kirt took me on his golf cart around the farm and showed me all of the things he has been building since he purchased it in August.  This is one talented man.

Before I flew out there, Kirt asked that I make cookies while I was there.  Even though he is one mad beast in the kitchen, he doesn't bake.  They must have tasted good, because I'm pretty sure he ate at least 2 dozen while I was there.

Monday we ran errands around his little town and then he took me to this cute, delicious Greek restaurant.  After lunch he surprised me with a safari, which just happened to be down the street from his house.  It was super fun to see zebra and giraffe.
Monday night I juiced a bunch of citrus, while he made me a fantastic Cajun dinner.  I love that we share so much with each other and can talk for hours.  I never get tired of hearing his deep, southern accent or staring at his handsome face (Ok that sounds like a giddy teen, but it's true.)

Tuesday we left the house around 10, grabbed lunch and then headed to the airport.  He was going to St. Louis for work and I headed home to Phoenix.  It was a short 3 days, but so worth every moment.  As we were saying goodbye, he kissed me and told me to make him a honey do list for the new house!  I'm totally taking him up on that.  I adore this man.  Always have, always will.  He sent me a text last night that melted my heart, "You are truly a special gem...I love you dearly."  AHHHH.
What's next?  Time will tell...


  1. MMM he is cute, was there more than one kiss? Come on kiss and tell!! I need to hear all!! It sounded so fun!!