Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Break FF

1.  Last Friday while I was at work my cousin Alisha called saying she wanted to drive her kids from Boise to Phoenix for Spring Break and she did.  They arrived here Sunday evening.  That night we had dinner, went on a walk, did a little Easter scripture reading and ate some sugar.
2.  Monday and Tuesday I had to work.  But Sunday evening I started having horrible body aches and by 2:15 Monday afternoon I was headed home from work, only the second time in my career that I've gone home early because I was sick.  It was a bad stomach bug, even though the worse part was the body aches and the 102.4 temp.  Thankfully no one else got it and I felt just fine on Tuesday.
3.  Tuesday evening Alisha's Husband flew in and on Wednesday we spent the day hiking.  It was so fun and the weather was in the low 70's, which is perfect for AZ.  We went to lunch at my favorite Pizza Parlor Spinatos.  Then we did a final walk through on my house.  Jason, Alisha's husband told me where to put some fruit tree's, since he knows all about yards as a land architect.  He needs to come back sometime and make my backyard beautiful.
4.  Wednesday after the walk through and before YW Alisha, my friend Jennifer and I went to look at granite and quartz for my kitchen.  Jennifer and I also picked out remnants for the bathrooms on Thursday.  I hope it all looks good when it's finally finished.  Its really hard to judge something from a small sample.  This is the kitchen quartz that I chose to go with the flooring and cabinets.  I can't have anything to dark in the kitchen because the only window is where the breakfast nook is.
5.  For YW we went hiking and had snow cones.  That night Jason the master packer helped me pack up my house.  I'd say it's pretty much ready for the guys from church to come load me up tomorrow morning.
6.  I signed on my house this morning and am just waiting for all of the documents and money to go through so I can get the key.  In the next few hours the moving begins.  


  1. We had so much fun! It was a great adventure! Thanks so much for putting up with ALL of us! Until next time....

  2. How I wish I could help you!! I'm sad we have opposite work schedules!! So glad your mom's coming!! Can't wait to see your new house!! I had lots of fun with Alisha and family at the Easter Pageant!! When I held Calvin I knew I was holding a celestial spirit, what a beautiful child.