Friday, March 25, 2016

Exciting News

This week our family got some pretty exciting news....

First we got a video of Tristen asking the girls why her tummy is starting to get big, like if she has eaten too much chocolate or if she needs to do more setups.  The girls totally knew the reason why.  Then she told them they were going to have an U/S the next day.

A few minutes later we got another video of the girls telling their parents they were having a boy!  We are so excited for this new addition to our family.  Tristen is 20 weeks and hid it from all of us.  Easy for her since she lives in Spokane.  I did notice a little belly when I was there in January and she was always taking an afternoon nap.  I suspected but didn't say anything and then totally forgot about it.

This is a miracle for Tristen.  5 years ago when she was pregnant with Bridget she got very sick with Achalasia.  Shortly after Bridget was born she flew back to Charlotte with me and had surgery.  She was highly encouraged to not have a baby because she typically vomits when she is pregnant.  Since the surgery she is unable to vomit.  She said she hasn't vomited during this pregnancy.  She has had great doctors who have treated her and helped her to get to have this little miracle.  Oh yes, He's a BOY!  We can't wait to meet him around August 12, 2016.

We have a baby girl coming to our family in the next month or so from Tyler and Danielle.  We are so excited for her to make her appearance.  It will be fun for their family to have a little girl since they have 3 boys.  It's so fun to have these little ones come into our family.  With these two new additions I will have 8 Nephews and 4 Nieces!


  1. You are the best aunt ever, these children are blessed to come into your family!! I'm so excited for both families!!