Friday, March 18, 2016


1.  This week was crazy going back and forth with the mortgage company.  First they said I could close later this week, then it was I couldn't close until March 31.  Yesterday they wanted a letter from my work regarding my hours and starting back to work, etc.  I don't know what my dear friend in HR wrote to them, but after the letter was sent I got word that my loan was approved.  This means I will close next week.  I was worried about having to move out the last day of the month.  I will now have a few extra days to get things moved out.  By the way, I hate moving; totally despise it.
2.  Monday I met with the cabinet guy.  It took forever for him to measure and such, but I finally got an estimate that is in my budget, so much so that I think I'm going to redo the kitchen and both bathrooms.  I'm especially excited for the slotted cabinet for my platters above the fridge and my pots and pans drawer.  My friend Jennifer was such a help that day with picking the colors and adding her experienced kitchen makeover advice.  These are the kitchen cabinets.  I really wanted gray, but did chose gray for the guest bathroom and a dark cherry for the master.  All of the rooms have different tile, which means different cabinets.  Now time to choose the granite.
3.  I had a snow cone date this week! It was a fun 2 hours, too bad he lives in Seattle.  I might have to take more trips to Seattle in the future.
4.  Poor Kirt had a major flood on his land and house from all the rain last weekend.  I felt helpless, but kept myself busy gathering fun things for a box of sunshine that I sent him.  I always love getting surprise mail.  I'm sure he will as well next week.
5.  For YW on Wednesday we put together 12 days of Easter kits.  I think the girls had an enjoyable time doing it and I hope their testimonies of the resurection are increased.  It was an idea I had from an activity we did when I was in YW.  The leaders thought I was so cool to have thought of it, sadly it wasn't my idea.
6.  I'm back to work in full force.  In the last 2 days I've seen 100 patients.  46 yesterday and 54 today.  My feet are feeling it tonight too.  It was almost a 14 hour day today and then add the 40 minute drive there and back and I should be able to sleep great tonight.
7.  Tonight Alisha decided to drive from Boise to Phoenix with her kids for Spring Break.  It will be fun to have them here.  Unfortunately I have to work 3 of the days they will be here.  But we will have fun nonetheless.
8.  It's finally strawberry, mango, blackberry and blueberry season.  Still waiting for the raspberries.
 9.  I like these quotes I stumbled upon this week.

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  1. Your house is going to be so pretty!! What, you don't like all the WORK of moving??? Crazy girl!! WOW you've seen a lot of patients!! It will be fun to see Alisha and kids!!