Thursday, September 1, 2011

New York City 2011 Trip 1

A few weeks ago I realized that I had a few days off. With a few switcharoo's at work I got a few more days off. I decided that It was time to visit my friend Shelley and her adorable little family in New York City. I can't believe it has taken me a year and a half to visit my friends. What a horrible friend I am. I now realize I should have visited New York at least once a year over the past nearly 10 years that I have lived on the east coast. A ticket only costs about $230 round trip. That is so cheap when you are going to an expensive city. I learned however not to think about what I was spending, but to just enjoy the experience. I left Friday morning. After riding the bus and then the subway, I exited onto 72nd and walked my first 2 of many blocks towards Shelley's home. It was such a joy to see her and to see how her darling children have grown. She fed me a delicious lunch of southwest egg rolls (I think that's what she called them) and then we hit the pavement starting of course in Central Park.
I was fascinated with all of the people, the street vendors, and the entertainers all along the way. We then ventured into the city a bit. The coolest thing was to see the statue of Moroni amongst all of the skyscrapers.
Keep in mind is was so hot and humid=not fashionable.
We ventured from the temple to the Lincoln Center and Julliard. I would have loved to have heard a concert at Julliard.
We then had us some super yummy donut like treats before heading back to the house.
For dinner that night Shelley introduced me to Shake Shack hamburgers, where we enjoyed them in front of the museum of natural history. Let me just say they are just about as good as a cookout burger. Matt took the kids and we headed to Time Square where there really weren't a lot of people given the fact that most people had left the city because of the incoming hurricane. Not us, Shelley was prepared. Time Square was pretty awesome.
We ended up walking all the way back to Shelley's instead of taking the subway. It was a ways but I enjoyed all of the sights and sounds.
Saturday we got up early and went to the Staton Island Ferry so that I could see the Statue of Liberty, however we first had to stop and get us a New York Bagel with the best sun dried tomato cream cheese I have ever tasted.
Because of the hurricane the entire NYC transit system shut down at noon. We caught the last train back. I think we were the craziest people in the city to be out and about before the hurricane was to hit. We had a great time though.
See no one was in the subway station put us, kind of spooky.
That afternoon I met some of their ward members as we took the kids to the church gym to get all of their energy out from being cooped up in their small apartment.
It rained a few drops on us, but nothing like I have experienced in NC. Speaking of their apartment, I loved it. The bathroom is I think marble floors, ceiling, and walls; so cool. I also loved that they had a doorman 24/7 who knows their names and their children's names. It is so cute.
Did I mention that my friend Shelley is a gourmet cook. Yep she is, not by trade in the business world, but by trade in the real world. Saturday she made bread, homemade pizza, the starter for Sunday's sour dough pancakes and her speciality that I actually crave, Carrot-Ginger soup; to die for!
So Saturday night we filled pots, just in case the power really did go out from the hurricane. It rained hard all night and there was some wind, but thankfully Sunday morning when we woke it had pretty much passed. Because of all the hype from "the hurricane that wasn't" (Matt's words) and the fact that the subway was still down, church was canceled, so we had some scripture time with the kids and an adult scripture study that evening. That afternoon we walked down to the Hudson river. It was such a lovely walk and because of the storm it was cool, which was great given the fact that the last few days had been super hot and humid. I will truly miss the east coast that allowed me to experience sweat dripping down my back into my b-crack. Yes, we just get use to it here, what will I ever do with so much dry air? Do you know it is amazing to me how in such a big city you run into your neighbors all the time, meaning Shelley's. It was so cool. We ran into some of her ward members when we were down enjoying the cool breeze at the Hudson. Shelley again delighted us with Sunday dinner and taught me a new favorite way to cook vegetables, especially sweet potato's, roasted in the oven! Loved them.
Monday morning we set out again on foot, given the fact that they don't have a car and that is just how people get around in NYC. We first visited the Museum of Natural History, which is only a few blocks from their house. It was so fun.
One of my most favorite parts was heading to midtown where we visited a lovely bakery
and the library. Who would have thought a library would be so entertaining. The architecture was AMAZING! Just take a look...
Then we went to Chinatown via the subway.
This was one of my favorite parts of NY, especially because we first stopped at the Chinese Branch where Matt is the branch president. All of the missionaries were there and some were even teaching an English class. It was totally awesome. One of the sister's took us to a Chinese restaurant where we had some real Chinese food, not my favorite, but an experience.
This guy was cutting up stinky fruit. Wonder what it tastes like.
We then headed down to Little Italy where we ate pizza and had gelato.
I also splurged on dessert for later when the children were in bed. I do love the outside markets in NYC, especially in Chinatown. I'd venture to say their's just nothing like it in all of the US.
Shelley getting ready for her first bite of heaven!
They looked bad because the kids tipped them over, but they were still delicious. Tuesday we walked through a different area of Central Park, went to the MET (art museum), then walked some another part Central Park, had a cookie from Levaines; Chocolate with Peanut Butter chips (my favorite by far) and a molasis cookie from Alice's Tea Cup which was delicious too. I fell in love with ATC. I even splurged on a cookbook from there that I'm sure will become a favorite. This is where my trip ends. I had so much fun that I have decided to bring my sister back in a few weeks. I can't wait to share with her all of the fun things that I experienced. I still can't believe I am just now learning of this great city. Here are some of my favorite pictures from my last day in NYC.
I know it's just a bike, but I liked seeing this in NYC.
It's not every day you see an artist painting a picture of NYC outside your door.
This Jazz band was awesome. I loved that he was playing to the scotty dog.
Maddy walking through an area of Central Park. I love this picture!


  1. Thank you for posting about your trip! So fun and I'm so jealous. No wonder you went back :).

  2. ps- I like how you talked about so much food and used b-crack in your blog...that just almost beat the post about buying a bra :). Oh, and that stinky fruit is jackfruit- it tastes a lot better than it smells, honest.

  3. Emma, I'm glad I'm able to entertain you. Just wait for my blogs when I get to the rural life. They might be boring though. I talk about food, because I'm a social eater. It's so not fun to eat by yourself all the time. Wait until I get my other NY trip written, I'll show pictures.