Monday, March 17, 2014

Feeling Oh, So Lucky!

I'm pretty sure I haven't felt this LUCKY, happy or complete in all of my life.  It's a crazy thing to think of that in this vast world of millions of people that all of a sudden on an ordinary day you meet someone who you don't want to be without!  I'm so lucky to have this amazing man and his two sweet children in my life.  I keep having to pinch myself to see if this is really happening; definitely not what I was expecting when I came here, but so grateful and happy that it has!

Yesterday we celebrated today's holiday by having breakfast for dinner complete with green eggs, green milk, french toast, bacon and a rainbow of fruit.  The kids loved the green milk.  I had such fun making a basket for Mr. J and his little A's full of green things!  

Mr. J sent me a text that said, "I just read the card you slipped in this huge basket of amazingness.  You are so sweet and I am definitely the lucky one.  I'm so grateful to have you in my life and thankful for your influence around my kids."  And tonight when I apologized for keeping him up late (by him helping me bag my chicken which was $1.49 a pound and which he also went to buy for me today while I was at work) his reply, "I will gladly wait up for you just so I can get to hold you in my arms.  Don't you dare apologize for making me happy and complete.  Sweet dreams amazing woman!"  It's awesome that we both feel so happy and complete; what a great feeling and how LUCKY we are to have each other!


  1. I love how you celebrate every holiday in such fun ways!! You both are very lucky or should I say blessed!!! lol Aunt L