Friday, March 21, 2014

My First Hockey Game FF

1.  Another fabulous weekend was had this past week!  Saturday after a quick meal at Chick Filet Mr. J and his little A's and I went to my first ever hockey game.  Mr. J loves hockey.  This was also the kids first hockey game too.  We had a blast.  We each got a free St. Patricks Day t-shirt all x-large (which means I'll give mine away to some lucky person).  We had great seats down by the goal.  Little girl A loved the music they played and danced most of the game and was even on the jumbotron at the very end of the game.  She is a doll!  I had such a great time and quite enjoyed the game, especially because they won!
2.  Since Mr. J's Primary co-teacher was out of town I got to fill in and go to Primary with Mr. J.  I loved it.  He is such a great teacher and so patient with his 10, 10 year old students.  He gave a great lesson on Lot and his wife.  I was quite impressed.  I also quite enjoyed singing time because the kids learned one of my favorite hymns, I Stand All Amazed.  There was such a sweet spirit listening to these kids sing this beautiful song about our Savior and His Atonement.
3.  Mr. J surprises me a lot, which you all know I love surprises, even if they are as simple as me walking into his house after church, dropping some grocery bags and then as I turn around, he grabs me around the waste and plants an amazing kiss on my lips.  It's really heavenly when he kisses me, gives me butterflies and lots of smiles!  I love when he kisses my forehead too!
4.  We had the missionaries over for dinner Sunday evening and had breakfast for dinner and of course a yummy mudslide St. Patricks day dessert.  We also had fun skyping my family and talking to his dad.
5.  Of course Mr. J and I love Wednesday mornings!  We hiked North Mountain this week.  The first part was up a rocky area which connected to a paved uphill path.  We could have turned around when we got to the top of the mountain and gone back down the paved path, but we chose to go down the backside of the mountain which was by far the best way, because it was a little difficult.  It was an awesome hike.  I don't think I would ever hike up the way we came down, but coming down was a nice workout.  I love hiking with Mr. J!  I made my southwest chicken wraps for lunch and Mr. J cut up fruit.  We have delicious pineapple here and I'm loving it!
6.  Yesterday Mr. J and his little A's picked me up for dinner.  We went to Pot Belly Subs, which is one of my favorite sandwich places and mostly only around Chicago.
7.  Of course I'm still loving my nightly visits with Mr. J.  We laugh a lot, especially while watching Jimmy Fallon.  I've never been a late night TV show girl, but he is so funny.
8.  I'm still working out 5-6 days a week, haven't missed a workout at all since I've been here and I'm loving the benefits.  I just have to remember that muscle weights more than fat and realize if the clothes are getting to big that means I'm making progress.  Can't wait to go home in 2 weeks and get me a new wardrobe, kind of getting tired of wearing the same thing all the time, since remember I only packed 1 suitcase, even though I do seem to buy something new every week...This week I found an awesome pair of tall brown sandals at the Goodwill for $6 and a darling Summer dress with butterfly's on it for $13 bucks at Ross!


  1. Hockey games are so much fun, I especially enjoy singing the zamboni song! The weather looks heavenly!

  2. living the good life and enjoying every moment!! Cute pictures of you, Mr. J and the kidos!! soooo very romantic, oh how I love romance!!! How am I going to go a week and not talk to you about it, oh yeah there's something called a phone, I think I'll use it!!