Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Break FF

1.  Each week I ask myself, "Does it get any better than this?"  I always know that answer will be, "Yes!"  Saturday was by far one of my favorite days of this week!  Mr. J and I had the entire day to ourselves until the kids arrived, but not until 8pm!  I of course had to start my day out with a 4 mile run though.  Mr. J and I headed to Gilbert to have lunch with my friends Janelle and Matt and their darling two year old twins.  They took us to a yummy place called Joe's Farm Grill.  I had been craving BBQ so I had some.  It was yummy, but of course not as yummy as in the South.  Mr. J loves hotdogs, I'll never understand this, so he got two fancy ones that he enjoyed.  By then it was nap time for the twins, but not before I snapped this picture of poor Tate who has casts on his legs to shape them into where they need to be.
2.  Mr. J and I enjoyed a walk around the the Gilbert Temple.  It is so beautiful.  I can't wait to have some time to do a session there.  I introduced Mr. J to my favorite shaved ice.  We shared an almond joy with ice cream in the middle.  It was so amazingly delicious!  We then did a little grocery shopping and then headed home to meet up with the kids.  We all watched Marly and Me and Little girl A and I did some fingernail and toenail painting before it was time to wrap up the evening.
3.  Sunday we had such great meetings on Marriage in Sunday School and endurance in RS.  We fixed dinner and made cookies, before the kids had to leave us again.  Always tugs at my heart stings a little when they hug me and then leave.  We visited a family in our ward that needed some cookies, skyped my family and talked to his and then Mr. J talked me into watching Catching Fire.  I'm not really a Hunger Games fan because I don't like the killing, but it did keep my attention and of course so does he!  That evening when I got home I got this text, "Each weekend keeps getting better and better.  I keep waiting for you to not want to be around me or my kids anymore but you embrace us instead.  Its really incredible how loved you have us feel.  You are such an amazing, strong, pretty woman.  I'm still trying to figure out how you are sitting next to me.  I'm so lucky to have you in my life."
4.  The kids have been on Spring Break this week.  I love that Mr. J's career being that he owns his own business allows him to take day's off to spend with his kid's, like my dad was able to with us.  Wednesday we made breakfast and then took the kid's (he was also tending another families 3 kid's while their parents were in England this week) hiking.  It was rather windy, which made it so we weren't so hot.  I made them spinach shakes after we all got cleaned up, which not all the kids were impressed with and then it was time for me to go to work.
Wednesday night Mr. J had a campout in the back yard with the kid's. We made 'smores and then as soon as they laid their little heads on their pillows they were out,  as much as they all wanted me to campout with them, I didn't but went home and slept in my bed.
5.  Thursday I skipped my workout for the first time since Feb. 3, but I made up for it this morning...I skipped it to sleep in a little and then spend time with Mr. J and the kid's.  That afternoon I got a text from Mr. J that read, "Just wanted you to know how awesome I think you are.  I'm so grateful that you sacrificed your day at the gym to hang with me and these wild kid's.  You are an amazing woman and I'm so lucky to be the one you spend your time with. Can't wait to hold you close to me tonight."
6.  This week I got my 2013 blog book in the mail.  It is huge and oh so awesome.  I'm grateful for the person I evolved into during 2013, but so glad that year is behind me and 2014 is in full gear!
7.  My friend Beth who came to work along side me last year while in Phoenix had her last day today.  I'm sad I won't see her every day.  She sent me a get well package when I was sick which meant so much to me.  We have become great friends.  Good thing she is staying in Phoenix, just getting a new job.
8.  This week I combed my hair for the first time in 8 months.  It felt so good.  I just kept combing and combing, remembering how good it use to feel!  Of course I still just use my fingers to style my hair, but that night it felt oh so good!  The things you take for granted.
9.  Tonight I laughed a lot with Mr. J.  I'm telling you he is so, so funny.  My mom always told me to marry someone who makes me laugh...


  1. So glad you enjoy it. I'm loving my life and writing of my experiences that I've been blessed with! I need an invite to your blog...

  2. Fun times!! Hey you and Mr J are getting quite close and he makes you laugh mmmmm whats next????