Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mr. J

Things I love about Mr. J:
1.  He is awesome at doing laundry, mopping up spilled soda and is behind me cleaning up my messes in the kitchen (because we all know I'm a messy cook).
2.  How affectionate he is towards me and the way he squeezes me when he hugs me.
3.  The way he reads The Hungry Caterpillar every night to little girl A; it is so cute!
4.  He keeps a spotless car; no food or crayons in the car. (I wonder if he had a bad experience with melted crayons in the car, this is Phoenix after all)
5.  He has funny replies like when I tell him he drinks too much coke and could be saving that money for Disneyland tickets, including one before 8am he says, "I'm thinking about all the people that get to interact with me and how much happier they are because I had my coke."
6.  He makes me melt in the driveway when he clasps my cheeks in his hands, kisses me and says, "see ya pretty girl."
7.  He is a trickster in a funny way like when I tell him my pet peeve is when cupboards or drawers are open and then I turn around from what I'm doing in the kitchen and all the drawers and cupboards are open.
8.  He wrinkles his nose when he is being funny and laughing.
9.  He says nice things to me like yesterday after our hike when I told him I felt bad he had to be with me during my bad boy haircut growing out stage his reply, "Your hair is so superficial.  You are more than you hair."  I love that he see's me for me and not for my hair.  Granted a few weeks ago he did ask me if I was going to grow it out; of course!
10.  He surprises me with frozen kitkats at random times.
11.  When I say I need to go at 11 and he just pulls me into his arms or picks me up and sits me on his lap, kisses me and then does it again at 1130 and 12 and then I finally say really this time I need to go at 1230...

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  1. More romance, I'm loving this blog!! You made me laugh when you told us about the cupboards!! mmmm to much kissing , when we get home it's 11;OO pm for you, you'll thank me ...... later!!