Monday, January 5, 2015

In 2014 I learned...In 2015...

In 2014 I learned to have more patience than I've ever had as I went from being bald, to a pixie cut, to the mullet stage, to still waiting for my bangs to be long enough to tuck behind my ear.  I learned to not take work for granted and to spend more time with my patients.  I learned to open my heart, to let myself fall in love and to be loved, but with that vulnerability I learned what it's like to truly have a broken heart, how the atonement can heal my broken heart, to forgive the person who broke my heart and to kill him with kindness.  He recently asked me why I was so nice to him, my reply, "Life is to short to be anything but nice;"  I've learned this principle more this year than ever before.  I fell in love with hiking, swam more, cycled harder, lifted more weight than I've ever lifted and ran faster than I've ever run.  I fell in love with Europe, Martha's Vineyard and yes, Phoenix.  I enjoyed more sunsets, time with my precious family, lunch dates with girlfriends and getting lost in many novels.  I'm pretty sure I ate more chocolate in 2014 than I've ever eaten, all of which were more delicious than I've ever tasted; from German Chocolate to Chilmark (MVY) Chocolates!

In 2015 I look forward to juggling a new full time job (9 shifts a month), a new part time job (which I started today) and continued part time work with my current employer both at PIMC and Martha's Vineyard.  I'm more than enthusiastic about making my home here in Phoenix in my new apartment (years ago I said I'd never live in an apartment again...never say never), unpacking boxes of my possessions which have been in storage for over three years and making new friends in a new ward.  I hope to become more fit than I've ever been before, participate in an Ovarian Cancer run, do a lot more hiking and finish a triathlon.  I better pass my boards this year (yes it's that time again), lose at least 10 pounds and find a handsome hunk who can support me=).  To 2015:  may you bring me many wonderful surprises, a well organized home and more happiness than my little heart can handle.


  1. Beautifully said Miss Terah. Let me know when you do that run and maybe I can join you!

  2. You sure have learned to enjoy each moment and be so close to Heavenly Father!!