Friday, January 23, 2015

Jenny's Visit FF

1. Sunday we had family dinner with Deb and Laura's family.  I love Sunday family dinners!  I also had me a little chat at church with Mr. J where he basically told me I looked hot and little girl A gave me the biggest hug and totally made my day.  I'm sure going to miss seeing her at church, given it was my last week.  This coming Sunday I'm going to my new ward!
2.  Tuesday after working half day I went on a hike with my friends Staci and Michelle.  It was an awesome hike that I hadn't done.  We missed Ofa on our hike, but she couldn't make it.
3.  I worked Wednesday and then picked my childhood friend and traveling companion Jenny up from the airport.  It has been so much fun to have her here this week!
4.  Yesterday we drove to Sedona, checked in to our hotel and then went on 2 hikes.  It was windy and cold, but so beautiful.
We then had lunch where I had this delicious salad!
Then we hiked the scariest, steepest mountain ever.  I admit I was thinking the entire time, "if my mother knew I was doing this, she would be scolding me."  It was so worth the risk when we got to the top.  Pictures don't do it justice.
That day we burned 1300 calories and hiked 5 miles.  For dinner we went to Tara's Thai restaurant, where we shared pad thai and yellow curry.  It was yummy!
5.  Today we hiked a total of 6.25 miles and burned 1500 calories.  I love my hiking app that tells me so much information.  We hiked as high as we could and until I felt nauseous from the height.  Then we hiked all the way around this gorgeous mountain.

6.  By then we were hungry for lunch so we stopped at a bakery and shared a coconut cupcake, molten cake and quiche.  I haven't had much sugar in the last 3 week and funny that I'm not craving it much either.
7.  We headed back to the city, changed and then went to dinner at St. Francis where they have the yummy pork chile verde and I love the ambiance of the restaurant.  We did a little furniture shopping and then it was time to come home and relax!   

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  1. Beautiful pictures!! It was fun meeting Jenny she's really a great girl!! As usual Terah is living life to the fullest!!