Wednesday, January 14, 2015

This News Can't Wait...

This news just can't wait until Fabulous Friday...

My house sold in 2 weeks!  

I'm so excited that it sold so quickly, but a little sad to let that part of my life go.  When I told Nick about it his response was, "You are cutting your ties to Charlotte."  My response, "No I still have you and all of my friends there."  I loved that house and always will.  I never thought I would build a house by myself and I definitely never thought I would sell a house by myself.  I'm happy with the selling price.  Since the market took a nosedive I was worried I'd never get what I paid for it, but thankfully the prices came up and I'm basically breaking even.  Mom already has her house plan for me in the works.  I love that my mom can design my house and I don't even have to question her design.  I'm not building a house just yet, but in the future...


  1. Hooray Terah! This is great news!!

  2. I'm so happy that it sold for you! But also sad, lots of good memories in that house!